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Cultures Edit

Tosteladt is home to the Zahnfe.

Geography Edit

Tosteladt is a hilly, heavily wooded area. It bears a striking resemblance to what Krastoffen once looked like, before the Taktevolken devastated it. Another area it's very similar to is the real world's Black Forest, in Germany.

Resources Edit

Wood is plentiful, and the rivers provide fish to visitors and power the Zahnfe's waterwheels. There are deposits of copper and zinc in the regions near to Krastoffen, which allow the Zahnfe to produce brass.

Local Wildlife Edit

Deer, bears, rabbits and wolves are all native to the forests of Tosteladt. Present to are the mechanical replicas of these creatures that the Zahnfe have built. They need no hand to wind their springs, but incorporate a small waterwheel into where the neck would be. All they need to do is stoop over swift water, as though drinking, to replenish their energy.

Transport Links Edit

Tosteladt borders Uhrwek and Krastoffen.

Locations of Interest Edit

The Taktunterhault is the largest settlement of the Zahnfe, and a wonder of mechanical precision. The entire city is connected by various mechanical systems, moving energy from structure to structure in the form of steam pipes, gear lines and high tension cables. What makes the city truly amazing is the ability of the Zahnfe to exert a near biological control over it, simply by accessing almost any of the mechanical nodes that are so abundant in the city. The effects can range from simply functioning like a telephone to actually moving some of the buildings.

Threats Edit

Tosteladt is, as stated above, home to creatures such as bears and wolves. These creatures, and their clockwork counterparts, can be vary dangerous enemies. Clockwork wolves are often accepted into wolf packs, simply accepting the lowest rank in the pecking order. Their steel-tipped teeth can shred meat easily, and can punch through lighter armor with almost as little effort. The clockwork bears are similarly dangerous.

History Edit

Like the other regions of Alatyr, little is known of the history of Tosteladt. It is here though that aging ruins from some previous civilization are most common. Looking at the Zahnfe, and how they seem to try to craft human features, it would make sense that humans settled this land at one point. The ruins predate most of the ones on Nuchalnuth however, and it seems that human culture here fell before the Empire crumbled.