Name: Race Name

Size: (Height of the race)

Skin: (Colour of their skin)

Hair: (Colour of their hair)

Eyes: (Colour of their eyes)

Legs: (How many legs?)

Arms: (How many arms?)

Artistic Style

Associated colour: (Colour that is often found with these people)

Associated mood: (Happy/Neutral/Sad)


Combat Ability: (Good, Normal, Poor, None)

Magic Ability: (Good, Normal, Poor, None)

Alignment and Faction

Alignment: Good

Home City: (The Main City of the race, if applicable - or Wilderness if an animal etc)

Primary Faction: (the main faction, ie The Nasudonians)

Primary Deity: (the main diety for this race)


The Trolls can trace their roots to the devestated continent of Nilakantha where they were discovered by a Human trade vessel which was visiting the island collecting a number of poisons to be used by the Tsiyon Military. It appears the Trolls had existed on the island for some time and had spent most of their time fighting the Endols and Wispens of the land.

They have little knowledge of their own history and, like the Ogres live very simple lives but are somewhat skilled in poisons and alchemy. Their tribes usually have a shaman as it's leader and they are known to have bizarre blood rituals that they perform before the pyramid temple of Caza . Historians have attempted to discover more about the past but find their culture difficult to decipher.

The Trolls are sometimes known to consume their own due to their cannibalistic nature and often in childrens stories their cooking pots and this vile action are spoken of.

Most of the Trolls found in the civilised nations are labour slaves but some that can be kept controlled have been found in various emporiums of the darker arts.

Trolls are fierce warriors and make use of necromancy and shaman like spells in battle. They are extremely dangeorus.

Inspirational Reference

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