A sketch of the games UI

About Edit

The user interface provides an non-intrusive tuck away method for the player to interact with the game world.

'In game' windows Edit

Game Text Edit

Displays in game messages such as character progression, combat messages and other.

Chat Edit

Displays a window letting a player communicate with other players.

Main Menu Edit

Provides the player with a main menu to exit the game or change options.

Character Status Edit

Displays the characters status including health, mana, stamina and target, name with health.

Party Edit

Lists all players in a party.

Macros Edit

Provides the player with a way of accessing their abilities via a button. They can also drag and drop their abilities into this window or make custom macros using text commands.

Buffs/effects Edit

Lists all the positive and negative effects on a player.

Panel Menu Edit

Provides a window to access other behind the scene panels.

Friends Panel Edit

Lists and allows players to add new friends also shows their online status.

Character Panel Edit

Lets players view details on their status, statistics, inventory and skills, spells.

Party Leader Panel Edit

Allows players to invite people into their party.

Tracking Panel Edit

Lists npcs in tracking ability range including name, distance and direction.

'Out of game' windows Edit