Vehicles provide the inhabitants of Solinia with a method of travelling vast and seemingly impassible distances at great speed.

Invention of the Ship

Ships were originally discovered in the abandoned ports city of Ravenholme , settled by the Vishim . Since then the Vishim have used the vessels to explore the world which inevitably led to world trade and a global language, Common Tongue.

Methods of Transport


Ships and other boats provide a form of transport across oceans. Usually known for carrying people or goods to various ports around the world.

Tsiyon Caravel

A smaller exploration vessel.

Vishim Clipper

A very fast scouting and exploration vessel which is also used by the Tsiyon Mail Service to delivery messages across the connected cities of the modern world.

Ravenholme Bilander

The bilander is mainly used as a trade vessel and was the very ship design found in Ravenholme which the Vishim used and adapted to create the other four forms.

Tsiyon Galleon

A large warship used for defensive operations by the Tsiyon. Developed from the ravenholme bilander.