Brief Details

Virkite is the tower from which monsters have been emerging. It was sealed until recently. It looks like a black spike rising from the ground, curving at the top to come to an abrupt point. If viewed from above, one could actually see that the tower is shaped like an X. Near the top a large sphere seems to be embedded in the center of the structure. This sphere is the location of the Portal Chamber.


Virkite isn't located near any major settlements or roads, but can be seen from quite a distance. It sits on the edge of a forest.

Transport Links

Virkite is capable of opening a rift to any other functioning Reality Bore, though only one other is in a usable state. The very same one from which the monsters are emerging.


Virkite has been overrun with monsters that have come through the portal. Though the monsters are the only threat, they are one that cannot be avoided, and would need a large force to remove.


Virkite is the only Reality Bore left from the Human empire- an enchanted machine that weakens the fabric of reality around it, and punches a hole through space to another weakened point in reality. The Reality Bores were once a unified network, but now the only one besides Virkite that's functioning is the one repaired on (forgotten continent). This is being used as a gateway by an Elder Human intent on reclaiming the empire's territories. He's been pouring monsters through it, to break any resistance on the other side.