Vishim by Lucilla Lischetti


Name: Vishim

Size: Tall

Skin: Tan

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Hazel

Legs: 2

Arms: 2

Artistic Style

Associated colour: Green/Brown

Associated mood: Calm/Overly Proud


Combat Ability: Average - but good with melee magic based

Magic Ability: Good

Alignment and Faction

Alignment: Good

Home City: Ravenholme

Primary Faction: The Vishim

Deity Worshipped: Golkara and Boralis


Skin vishim

Current Racial Skin

Originally hailing from the now collapsed city of Caer Bedion the Vishim are a race not unsimilar to humans. Due to their many centuries of living in the snow and tundra the race has a translucent shine to their skin and appear to have adapted to their new found woodland surroundings at Ravenholme taking on a greenish brown hue. When Caer Bedion collapsed the Vishim made their way south across the Deepfrost plains and located the abandoned city of Ravenholme where they quickly integrated themselves and eventually discovered the lost art of sea travel. Since then the Vishim have spread to many continents and are known for their peaceful and calm nature even if somewhat overly proud.

The Vishim are known to be users of magic and have a natural affinity for nature which they worship as if one of the gods.

Inspirational Reference

Lothlorien Elf