While no one inhabits the area now, before the cataclysm the race known as the Nijins made their home here. Because of the unique nature of Quartz Lake, which was poisonous during the day and frozen during the night, the Nijin based their day around the frozen cycle. Wanting to remain isolated, the Nijin posted coast guards to keep any intruders from entering during the night time. This earned Waeto the name 'Moon Land', as all activity ceased during the day, when everyone slept. Taking advantage of the strong bamboo groves in the the outskirts, the Nijins made strong, nearly impregnable huts for their living quarters. With comfort in isolation and security, the Nijin eventually became haughty, thinking themselves superior over all other races and promoting the philosophy 'Strong Bamboo', which dictated that any person weaker than bamboo was to be shamed. A special hut was made for the Oracles, who could see the future. The Oracles were always twins.

When the Oracles foretold doom for Waeto, the Nijins panicked. Not accepting that they would have to leave their island, they instead built an underground bunker, meant to outlast the coming cataclysm. Dismayed by their behavior, the Oracles, their families and three other families left the island while the others were busy building. One Nijin in particular, Mato, noticed this, but then realize that if the Nijin came out intact, they could invade the outside world and take over. That would be when he took the Oracles back. Unfortunately, the Oracle's prophecy came to pass, as an earthquake sank the bunker into an unknown underground boiling lake. Much later, the Klacker fell from a rift portal from the sky and made its home in said lake. It is unknown what became of the Oracles and the fleeing families, or if there are any Spex or Poltergeist trapped in the boiling lake.


Mostly flat. However the immense bamboo brush makes it hard to both see and navigate, making one vulnerable to predators. As one venture further, steam from the hot springs in the middle of the island. Underneath the lake is said to be a sunken bunker, where a lost race tried to ride out the cataclysm. Only the water's immense heat and the Klacker keep geographers from exploring what is the world's largest safe haven.


While most races would be afraid of tigers, the Niji were known for hunting them, knowing how to hunt among the bamboo and having the advantage of tools and numbers. This alone proves that tigers can be consumed. The local bamboo, if cut down, can make a hardy structure and foundation for buildings.

Local Wildlife

Tigers and some other predatory cats.

Transport Links

Although south of the Savage Sea the island of Waeto is still able to access Posmogahst and Halcron with relative ease.

However all travel north is impossible.

Locations of Interest

If one can get past the Yotes and the tigers, one can find the ruins of the Waeto houses, all still standing. However, most houses are empty, as they were either ransacked or cleaned out by the retreating Nijin. Most artifacts are most likely now in the underground bunker of the boiling lake, which is itself guarded by the Klacker.


As if the Yotes, tigers and the Klacker weren't bad enough, in recent times absolutely no one has returned from the island, which has led to speculation that something supernatural may be afoot. This is because the Poltergeist of Mato, the imperialist, has finally gathered the wits he lost with his rage and is finally making his move.


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