The main population is, both before and after of the attempted draining of Berox, The Endols, a race of darkness based beings. Before they made their home under the swamp, they lived at the edge above ground. They became naturally immune to some of the disease associated with the area, which helped when they moved underground. The Endols made an easy home of the area, and the building structures reflect that. The natural moistness is manipulated via magic to make smooth huts out of the rock formations, creating eloquent looking dens with no sharp corners or rough walls. Most houses are decorated with the leftovers of many travelers who died in the swamp, allowing them to be collected by individual Endols for the purpose of adding variety to the otherwise monotonous area. The roof used to be a good area for farming, until the failed sentient crop known as Wispens dug their way up to the swamp and let the poison ruin the soil. The swamp water eventually became swamp gas, making some areas nearly uninhabitable to outsiders and very stifling for Endols. Endols are now divided between two factions: those who take care of their home (cleaning, hunting, child rearing) and those who set out to the world making a living trading and working for the purpose of bringing food home to the blighted town. Humans eventually drove out Endols. Whether the town is still intact is up to debate.


A large cave area beneath Berox. Rocky and moist. Swamp gas makes it difficult to breathe and causes some sickness. Tunnels lead out to the edge of Berox.


Formerly good soil is now blighted. Resources now exported from other races and local wildlife. No edible plants.

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Locations of Interest

Central Market, marked by flags of various other cities. Can by various odds and ends there.