Wispens, a plant like race.

Size: The older the larger, but generally around waist height, maybe even shoulder height. The ones that live long enough wouldn't be playable, because they'd be between the sizes of houses and redwoods.

Skin color: Green or brown. Can wilt and turn to gray.

Hair color: The hair color can match the color of leaves during the seasons. Default is green, but can be red, orange or brown.

Eyes: Knotholes in the wood. Can turn when they have something bad in mind.

Legs: Octopus like, as they crawl around on their roots. Around 6.

Arms: Two branches with hand like structures at the end.

Artistic Style

Associated color: Forest Green

Associated mood: Mischievous, usually on their own side


Combat ability: Poor, with slow movements. The only thing they have going for them is a good defense, due to their thick trunk.

Magic ability: Good. With a history threaded with both forest and swamp, they are capable of using both plants and poison in their attacks.

Alignment and Faction

Alignment: Neutral

Home City: Boxius


Almost no one likes the Wispens. That's okay by them, because no one really liked them all that much in the first place. The swamp Boxious has two sides to it. One side is its more deadly, poisonous side on the surface. Underneath, however, lays the unholy city of Wertrat, home to the Endols. For centuries, both sides have been separated from each other. Then a scientist of the underground settlement decided to improve the crops for the village. This resulted in a failure, leading to the Wispens. They were merciless in their pranks. Eventually, the scientist (plus one mob) grew fed up and said that if they didn't behave themselves, they'd feed them to the Tailless. The Wispens responded by growing into the soil rather than out of it. This denied the villagers a surplus of food and kept them out of harm's way. Because crops were grown on the village roof, where the more nutritious dirt was, they eventually grew so far up that they breached the over world surface, sprouting among the toxic mire. They took no time at all in taunting their former masters as the holes they made in their roof allowed the toxic substance to drip in. The Endols in turn responded much more harshly by bringing an axe to them. This resulted in earning the Wispen's everlasting scorn. So much so, that when the people had to abandon their homeland, the Wispens followed like a bad cold. At present, the Wispens are more in tune with both nature and posion, allowing them to summon both plants and toxins to assist them. The only upside is that the Wispens are never evil. Just lethally aggravating.

Inspirational Reference

Jack O' Lantern, Mandrakes, Imps