Appearance Edit

Name: Wolf

Size: (Height of the race)

Skin: Light Red

Hair: Grey, Silver, Black

Eyes: Grey, Silver, Black, Brown

Legs: Four

Arms: None

Artistic Style Edit

Associated colour: None

Associated mood: Neutral

Ability Edit

Combat Ability: Good

Magic Ability: None

Alignment and Faction Edit

Alignment: Neutral

Home City: Found across most parts of the wilderness

Primary Faction: Wilderness Creatures

Background Edit

A wolf generally travels in packs. Not only are they strong by themselves, but in larger numbers they can prove to be quite lethal. They originated from the ancient Human lands from a mass time ago. They mainly eat other animals and meats, the wolves being carnivores, but over time they had to adapt eating berries and other forest foods. They live in some small caves found at the side of massive hills. To them, their gods are the moons of Solinia.

Inspirational Reference Edit