Size: Usually human height, but can stretch or compress to speak eye to eye.

Skin: Pink and slimy

Hair: None

Eyes: None

Legs: None. Shuffles on a wriggly stump instead.

Arms: None, but can sprout tendrils

Associated colour: White

Associated mood: Calm

Combat Ability: Fair. Mostly restraining purposes.

Magic Ability: Poor, but can learn simple magic

Alignment: Good

Home City: The Earth itself, but known to populate Chejul.

Descended from the All Consumer, Worms are a race of beings whose bodies totally comprise of a mass of, well, worms. Having allied with the scholar humans when they first emerged from the ground, it is often wondered why they allied themselves with the ruined race in the first place. This is because the All Consumer was first granted the gift of thought, thanks to the humans' loss of the war. When the human army fell, all races went on a killing spree. Most of it was justified revenge, but a large part of it was a tragic retaliation against innocent civilians. Because the humans have no connection with nature, the All Consumer, fated to eat only the dead, had a multitude of morsels to stuff itself with, as humans usually ended up in the ground, rather than return to the forest, or the sea, or where ever else the races tended to go after they die. This started a strange reaction, as the All Consumer got its first look at something en masse: the brain. Curious, the All Consumer always left at least ten to study and take apart. It eventually discovered that it was made up of synapses and neurons. Using the worms it controlled, it tried mimicking the structure. This is when it was granted its first thought. Given something other than the instinct for eating, it discarded its current meal to make more synapses. The resulting synapses resulted in the Worms, as each one made a body. It was also then that it was first aware that there was a library, as nearly all the human brains had info about it imprinted in them. When it saw that it was in danger, it sent up a wall to stop the attackers, and made contact with the outside world for the first time. The Worms now devote themselves to protecting knowledge, something that the All Consumer now considers very precious.

The name Worms itself came from the humans. In actuality, the Worms refer to themselves as 'the Thinking', and an individual is referred to as 'a Thought'. This is because each Worm really is the thought of the All Consumer. This allows Worms to share a universal connection and also maintain individual personalities. While mostly peaceful, the Worms can fight by engulfing the opponent in a mass of earthworms, as well as cause the ground to sink beneath them. While the Worms are unable to be offended, many who hate humans and the Worms' association with them call them 'those Schizos,' a juxtaposition of their term of being the Thinking.

Worms usually robe themselve in blue cloaks, the same that the scholars wear.