Lore by Mixxit


Studies at the ruins of Xenophon have left scholars certain this society was highly skilled in magic and settled in the area sometime during the Mythological age


Located in the north western continent of Kumari , Xenophon was originally a fertile land but these days the ruins are mostly covered in tundra following the recent departure of the most modern glacial age


Except for the localised resources that can be found in the area this location is overwhelmed with ancient pottery, the occasional undecipherable stone tablet and many remains of a now dead society

Local Wildlife

Wolves often make their home in this area as do various animals

Transport Links

It is believed at one time that this area once housed a large shipping port but recently scholars have discovered the remains of what may be the first translocation spire on Solinia (disputed)

Locations of Interest

The Pyramid of Xenophon


Wolves, the occasional undead


Xenophon is believed to have been founded by a pre-cataclysm civilisation who's name is since lost to the sands of time. What is certain, from tablets that have bene located at the dig site is that it was named after a Master Wizard who (possibly) conducted experiments with translocation magic. From what has been written on the subject Xenophon created a grand pyramid to channel energy found in the area and attempt to rip a portal open to another side of the planet. Modern day wizards agree this site does indeed assist in conjuring the forces necessary to leap and often bring students with them to demonstrate and train.

Xenophon is an archeological gold mine and many scholars have demanded universal protection from all races at the location so it can be further studied.