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Cultures Edit

Zanaxha will be the home that the Chunel claim for themselves, once enough players have unlocked them.

Geography Edit

Zanaxha is actually a series of ruins located in Green Hell. The large stone blocks were evidently some sort of large structure, likely a temple at one point. Now, however, the entire complex is a shattered ruin, dangling from the hanging roots of the giant Banyan trees.

Some of the chunks are oriented at strange angles, and very few actually have an even surface.

Resources Edit

There is a one of the native Boabab trees nearby, large enough to supply the town with the water it needs. Small animals tend to live in the tree and make for good hunting, while the bird nets provide more meat. Not too far away is a broad tree that has several fruit trees growing on it, mostly mangoes.

Local Wildlife Edit

Lemurs are a common sight in the area around Zanaxha. The Sabre-toothed Jaguars have a hard time navigating the rope-like roots suspending the ruins, and as such are rarely an issue. As with everywhere in Green Hell, birds are common.

Transport Links Edit

Zanaxha is terribly difficult to get to if you're bad at climbing, or can't fly. The Chunel, agile as they are, use the roots of the Banyan tree to enter and exit the ruins, using them as rope.

Threats Edit

If you have a poor sense of balance, the entire town can be quite dangerous. The ground is almost always sloped and there are many openings in the ruins, so falling out isn't all that hard.

History Edit

Zanaxha was found by the Chunel once enough of them started leaving the depths of Mt. Yutucan. It's proximity to water and the fact that the jaguars have a hard time getting to it made it an ideal home for the nimble folk.