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Essential Facts:==

Race: Hobbit

Gender: Male

Name: Harry Lucas

Hair Color: Blonde

Eye Color: Blue

Occupation: Tavern Owner/Buisnessman/Adventurer

Home City: Unknown

Current City: Oakhelm

Harry was born and raised in the unknown reaches of the Southern Mountains and soon showed promise as a Buisnessman.

Birth PlaceEdit

Harry was born in the vast reaches of the Souther Mountains as a trader shop owner and Adventurer. He was raised on self dependence and being kind to others.


Harry was brought up by parents of unkown names, he was cast out on his own at the age of 18 when his parents died in a landslide. He soon learned the prospect of supply and demand and showed signs of a prminent trader. He lived in his small mountain community up to the destruction of the old world and washed ashore with the others.

Enter OakhelmEdit

Day's after surviving the destruction of the old world, Harry won the king's lottery, a hefty sum of diamonds and gold. Knowing his wealth woudl be safer in a town, he ventured to the supposed whereabouts of the Combine Capital. Encountering mayor Tharin and King Tucca, he has since moved in the little village and currently owns the Moonlighter Tavern in Oakhelm.

The following eventsEdit

Since settling in Oakhelm, Harry has gone on many adventures with people of the village, some involved trecks though desert's while other's involved surviving swamps and taiga's, some of these adventures will be left unacounted for as they were quite embarrasing. He has also assisted in the construction of the great bridge spanning the two continents.