Hope Library

Concept Map for Hope Library

== Notes== This lore is being done by Cuddles (initially)


Being inhabited by human scholars, Worms and various other passing races, the Hope Library is as it should be: quiet, serene and informative. The keepers of the library are always Worms and humans, while visiting scholars are usually tame enough to keep themselves from making waves. Here, text is sacrament, and is treated as such when the Worms use restraint against any who would harm books. Underneath the library, entire areas are dedicated to editing books and historical debates. Many library personnel even have living quarters built into the underside of the library.

Having no power left to them, the remaining humans are more docile than their violent ancestors, and only fight in self defense. This changes when they are in the debate circle, where they are allowed to come to near blows trying to defend their academic positions. Things are rarely that heated, though.

There have been scuffles in the Pilgrimage quarters from time to time due to many species coexisting in that area, but most either keep to themselves or stick with their own kind.


The surrounding forest and rivers are more than enough for the simple librarians to live off of.

Locations of InterestEdit

The Editing Rooms--A place of intense secrecy and isolation, it is there that any bringing new information to the library can speak and present their findings without fear of censorship or reprisal. After an investigation to determine if the information brought is factual, the bringer of the information is assisted in turning their findings into text.

The Debate Circle--It is here where ideas can clash when two scholars or pilgrims wish to make their voices heard. During the debate, the forum is open to questions from the onlookers.