My life started as a human my famely was poor veary poor, as a kid i was veary good at making potion.

one day i made a drink that made me veary spirited so i calld it a energy drink (swiftness potion).

i got an ide that i chould sell it to peaple to earn money but onley kids wanted to buy it.

one day the parents of kid did chage me becuase i did sell that drink to their kids i came to a house and there they did kill me.

so after that day i became a nightmare i haunted poaples dream and kill them in their dreams.

one i haunted a guy calld selano the was the guy that saved me, he was a angel and a witchdoctor so when i haunted him he did drag me out of the nightmare so thats how i became a fallen angel but still my familly was poor so that why i got that old cloths and sometimes i am up late trying to make some new cloth but whit no luck amd some nights i cry my self too sleep becuase their parrents that kill me

Today i live in ZulFarka village and i work at a pup / inn and i am also a bounty hunter, my intresses is make that enegy drink... yum, i also like to build stuff.

and i have a great time here Thx to selano

2012-06-19 18.14.43

This is me