Lupos Darkpaw Raid

Lupos leaping into the fray of combat

Name: Lupos Darkpaw

Gender: Male

Height: 7' 8

Weight: 270 lb

Fur: Light grey with darker patches

Hair: Light grey with slightly darker patches and a 3 inch mane going from his head to his shoulder blades

Eyes: Dark Yellow

Race: Kobold

Age: 27

Combat Ability: Specialized in ranged combat and ambushes

Magic Ability: Basic shamanistic knowledge

Alignment: Dark

Home City: Kastav Keep

Morality: Lupos Darkpaw is known to kill intruders and the occasional stranger on sight

Armour: Leather adorned with bones and skulls

Weapons: Ancient blessed bow known as the Bow of Slaughter as well as poisoned arrows and a short hunting blade