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Malcolm Millenium - lich[1] , adept of black magic, f

Malcolm Millenium animating dead in a graveyard.

ormerly a wizard, for thirty years the Prime Mage of Valla Wizard Council in the country of Sheremia (in ruins), the Steward of FrostSpire, in the end promoted to Lord. He is known for extraordinary hatred towards the human race, which he has continously been murdering since the day he succeeded to transform into a lich.

Malcolm is currently the ruler of Torment, a giant mausoleum located far to the south serving as home to undead, vampires and fallen angels.

(1) Powerful wizards and sorcerers often seek a way to prolong their lives by obtaining death resistance. Some of them manage to fool the destiny and become liches - undead wielders of magic, others fail and imprison themselves between life and death, basically ceasing to exist in outter world.

Recent activityEdit

Game of BonesEdit

Bringing an army of undead warriors, Malcolm showed up at the gates of the Underworld, challenging the current god of the dead - Alazgoth, in order to take his position. Having underestimated the strength of the divine entity, he failed to defeat the god and was stripped of some of his magic powers. He was rescued in the last second by Vedemyn Shadowmark, an assassin serving Alazgoth who had decided to join the crusade. Malcolm escaped the final blow of the god of dead, who directed his revenge at his rebellious servant and tried to erase his soul from existence. Seeing potential in the assassin, Malcolm decided to save him. The lich was greatly weakened, however, and he had to find an additional source of power. For this, he used a part of his soul - his Wrath - to pour it into Vedemyn’s soul, breaking the chains and control that Alazgoth had over him. Leaving the Underworld through a portal, Malcolm and Vedemyn walked into Solinia, putting an end to the miserable battle that couldn't be won.

Return to SoliniaEdit

After years of absence and traversing planes Malcolm returned to Solinia. Together with his new companion, Vedemyn Shadowmark, he is building the new country of Torment. He plans to reunite undead and vampires and searches for his old friends as well as travels through the lands seeking tormented, unwanted souls that he offers to become part of his newly rising empire. Some speculate that his actions are only the beginning of a greater plan and that he's come to Solinia for a reason much bigger than creating home for undead outlaws, but as long as rumours remain rumours taking them seriously would be an act of foolishness.


The BeginningEdit

Very little is known about the early history of Malcolm Millenium. One, however, is certain - the man, even at the times he was human, never remained in one place for long, From various notes and manuscripts that were discovered centuries ago, it turns out he began his career as an adept of magic, under the wings of one of the local shamans of an Alcor tribe, which is why he is believed to have been born on the island. At one point Malcolm abandoned his tribe, which is stated by the found shaman's journal, though it hasn't been confirmed if the apprentice mentioned in the note is Malcolm Millenium.

There is only a few information that is believed to be related to Malcolm's childhood (check: Other sources)

During one of his first journeys Malcolm met a young human sailor of his age who helped him sneak on the ship which was heading to an island of Demmia. The boy went by the name of Sadelko Deluge and fourty years later supported him in the H.A War (H.A stands for Human Annihilation) as a captain and general.

The Prime Mage of SheremiaEdit

Valla, the capital of Sheremia, was the first location Malcolm chose to inhabit permanently. He moved in at the age of twenty and applied for the position of the wizard council the same day. His request was ridiculed by the vice-archmage Thomas Wagenfire, who died two days after publishing Malcolm's application in a local newspaper that he was in charge of. There has never been proven any relation between Malcolm and Wagenfire's death, as the investigation was ceased soon after he became a member of the council. The case of Malcolm receiving a "gift-position" (so it was referred to by the council members) was a subject of many conspiracy theories and suspicions, since the exact reason of this happening was never unveiled. Sorcerer named Vicius Vorge - one of the members - claims he had an unofficial conversation on the matter with Alexis Gloom (the Prime Mage at that time) during which Alexis's behaviour was extremely different and uncommon. Two days from then Alexis Gloom officialy resigned from the position of the council leader and passed it to Malcolm Millenium, making the wizard the first 20 years old Prime Mage in the history of Sheremia.

During thirty years of holding the office Malcolm succesfully managed to improve the position of Sheremia among other, neigbhouring countries as well as bend the whole wizard council to support him and do his bidding by corrupting it from inside - replacing regular members with dopplegangers (Malcolm was extremely fascinated with them, as a result of which he wrote a thick book concerning his researches on their creation). The fate of so replaced council members is unknown, therefore it is believed they were killed. Those, who stayed alive, had nohow to act against the little puppet kingdom of Malcolm Millenium, mainly because of the lack of evidence.

The older Malcolm grew, the more obsessed he became with creating new dopplegangers. His ambition and insanity gave him the idea of widening his influence and corrupting every single important person of the sheremian government, including the Queen herself. Greed and blindness took over his actions and thus he made his first mistake when attempting to kidnap General Albert Veinriver before several witnesses. Since one of them turned out to be the royal archmage, the royal family was notified about the incident, immediately reacting with a capture order. Malcolm disappeared after setting on fire several soldiers. Soon after his escape a new Prime Mage was appointed, who after a year discovered the doppleganger scandal after a difficult year of working with them.


Years after the H.A.W Malcolm and Oggz - one of his generals - ended up in FrostSpire, the vampire capital ruled by Emperor Heinrich. Having become the Steward quickly, Malcolm presented his project that included remodelling the entire city and expanding it in order to transform the wooden town into a mighty metropolis. The period of Malcolm's involvement went down in history as the Golden Millenium during which the city has rapidly expanded and became a potential threat to neighbouring countries as a result of which many international conflicts took place.


Falsely accused of an overthrow, Malcolm, Lord General Arcander and former Angel Queen Lhely decided to set up the city of Blightmoon which was planned to be the new capital of vampires & undead ruled by the trinity. Shortly after the vampire nation split up, Malcolm Millenium mysteriously vanished.


While in Solinia, Malcolm Millenium and Sadelko Deluge have encountered a wood elf named Shinoko Foxfire and slayed her after a long battle. Shinoko is known to have resisted Malcolm's dark gift as he turned her into a vampire for she never lost her free will.

Other sourcesEdit

Documents that are believed to refer to Malcolm:

"I finished the report, it was a burden really, especially that usually nothing happens in the swamps. Nights are full of undead, wandering aimlessly, I can't even be bothered to remove them all. The sun will finish my job. Oh, the reason why I'm telling you this. This night was different, I mean I met someone I wouldn't expect to: a mage! Or so I think, but what I saw looked pretty much like magic to me. To you it's nothing new, I know you deal with those sick spellcasters all days long and probably want to finish reading my letter as soon as possible but please, pay attention to what I'm about to tell you: he was a child and he managed to open a portal to hell by himself! This must have been hell, I could feel it and my senses never fail me when it comes to black magic. Tell me which kid this age is capable of traversing planes? Nothing to worry about, I'm pretty sure he will die behind the portal in less than an hour, but the point is - it looks like advanced magic is not confined by age! So I would consider Nancy's words twice, even if they have already executed her. She may have been closer to the truth than you will ever be! - Aeras Savin's letter to Chloe Maydream (who was the warden of Valorian Mage Prison).