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Marry Lock Out side House in Oakhelm

Marry LockEdit

Essential Fact==

Race: Hobbit


Name: Marry Lock

Hair Color: Blond

Eye Color: Blue

Occupation: Adventure.

Home City: Unknow Though she Did live in the Wilderness

Current City: Oakhelm

Fun Fact: Marry lock used to live in Northernountians When a Eathquake Came and Distored er Villeg

She Left her family.

Birth Place..Edit

Life was lovely In the Northern Montains Marry Hade Lots of Friends..

But when a Earth quake came Marry left her Family And Friends. The Northern Moutanis Where lovely

Grass everywhere and only 6 Houses to live in so it was really nice big wodden houses with losts of trees and Some times teens would meet under the eves and wish upon a star saying " i wish when i grow up i could live some where people would treat me like they do here" and then Wishes the people of that dream villeg could still live were they where.

Child Hood.Edit

All Her paremts did was Hunt Unknown Craitures (Mobs) and Animales + Farm for Bread they owned a Place Called

Lock's Backer. Though All Marry Rembers of Her Parents is that her mom hade Dark Brown and Green Eyes

And her dad hade Black Hair And Cactie Green eyes.

Marry thinks she was Adobted By her so called" "Parents"

Fun fact of Villge:

Every one looked a like!. She sees That they all have Black eyes and Brown Hair and as you well know Marry is a Blond with blue eyes. So when Earthquake Comes.She takes that time to run off into the wilderness and go to that dream city she and her friends talked about a lot then one day...

Life In the Wild.Edit

Marry set Off to find a place to live after the EarthQuake came She asked er friends if they would come but they all said No. So she Set out on her Own when she is gone for 20 Days She starts To miss Them But the Road must lead some wher she says the she gets to a place Near the Boarder of The South Montains Whene she Spots a Coward of People . On her way she meets Harry Lucas. Then she finds a nice place in the Trees to live. She Is not happy there She wishs to live in the Cpaital of the Combines. Fun Fact about Wilderness: Marry had to eat All She Could.

And she was only 16 years old whene she set. when she finds that place shes 19...

Entering OakhelmEdit

Soon she reliases She looking Over to Oakelm Every day When Looking for Food. Some Times She would Go into Oakhelm to look she Soon Finds out They Vote For King?This was a new thing For her.

Some times She sees Harry Lucas Farming Wheat for Bread. Then She sees alot of other People inclued the King. So She Takes Down Her make shift house and travels there.

It is the First of The Month When they elected Thain Bluther. He is a Great King. She has seen Meany People Come and Go She Hears ther storys And Writes er own Some Day Shell Sell it if the BookStore in Oakhelm Opens Up.

She enters oakhelm at the age of 20 and spends the rest of her life there:)

Following Events.Edit

Marry moves to Ather because 1. barley anyone lives in Oakhelm anymore

2. Sam and Harry moved there.

Though she thinks shes staying in Oakhelm It's her home, she has to live there if not where will she. Be like who will she be?

And She will continue Liveing in Oakhelm:) it is her home the place shes lived in for 5 years now She's 25:) and why spend all that time liveing in the wilderness and find a home then leave it?