Name: Owl Hardfoot

Alias: Owl

Race: Wood Elf

Age: 33

Gender: Female

Rank: Civilian gatherer

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Likes: Drinking, tinkering, wild animals

Dislikes: Meat, cursing, the dark

Strengths: Speed

Weaknesses: Fragile

Fears: The dark

Ambitions: To discover something great

Secrets: Has a deep seated fear of the dark


Face shape: Heart shaped, like an owl

Eyes: Dark brown

Hair: Blue

Nose: Small, pointed

Lips: Small, a bit thin

Eyebrows: Thick, blue

Height: 4' 6

Weight: 78 lbs

Unique features: Scar over her right eye, long, pointed ears, even for elven standards


Cynical, terse, giving, handy, sloppy, virtuous, intelligent, sheltered, ungrateful


Brought into the world and raised in a humble family of gatherers, Owl is a typical loud mouth young adult girl. With strong and capable hands from years of gathering fragile berries and tough nuts, she yearns to discover what more she can do with her abilities. "One day, I'll be important. One day, I'll be needed..."