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Paul Sykes is a Angel who is the leader of the town Gielinor and has a lot of powerful allies such as the Kings of different Races.

It is believed that Paul Sykes was once a human who was trained to be a highhuman. Paul Sykes was a resident of Bethsura during it's construction but after a harsh argument with the leader Samuhel he left to join Forsaken Isle.

Forsaken Isle

Paul Sykes has a mixed relationship with Forsaken Isle due to their loyalty to him and has declared war on them more than once after killings of Gielinor members were reported.

Paul joined Forsaken Isle after leaving Bethsura but left soon after because of the lack of activities to do and after he was badly injured by Forsaken Isle's leader Unanymous Drakhammer he retreated to nearby land where he established a town named Kvatch but later renamed it to Gielinor.

Paul has neutral relationship with Forsaken Isle at the moment.


Paul is currently at war with Neutrality after an ambush by the leader left him almost dead and his best sword and bow were stolen by the leader of Neutrality.

Personal Information:

Height: 6 ft, 1 inches

Weight: None

Favorite Weapon: Diamond Sword or Fire Bow.

Favorite Pastime: Killing thy Enderdragon.

Some information: Paul wishes to be peaceful with all Towns but will wage war on those who attempt to kill him.

Motto: Unite and gain power! We must defeat those who are evil.

Mindset: Be focus, and everything will be fine

Secret: Will use a Potion of Invisibility to escape.

Training: Fully trained Mystic