Arkadia MalsvirEdit

(Note: Profile still under construction until more lore is available.)

Essential StatisticsEdit

Race: Undead

Gender: Female

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Milky blue cataracts engulf the iris

Title: N/A

Occupation: N/A

Home City: N/A

Current City: Kaegro

Associated Faction: N/A

Worships: N/A

Birth and FamilyEdit

Daughter of Analii and Rusko Malsvir.


Growing up, Arkadia would tend to the farm with her mother. It wasn't until later in her adolescent years that Anallii fell victim to illness and Rusko began teaching her the ways of the traveler. However, by the time Arkadia was fit to withstand the road, her father lost his life, and she set out on her own.

Later LifeEdit

Eventually tired of life on the road, Arkadia turned to mercenary work and found herself at the side of a Dark Elf. In the time that followed, she fell in love with the black magic, and eventually the Elf.





Notable EventsEdit

Upon rejoining the living, Arkadia lost all recollection of her living life, knowing only her name through a letter kept secured in her vest.