"I'll kill them. Don't worry Mother, I'll avenge you..." -Chou Foxfire

Chou Foxfire (age 13) is the daughter of the Death Knight Shinoko Foxfire . She recovered Shinoko's body after Malcolm Millenium and Sadelko Deluge killed her. She met the vampires in person and they let her live to spread their message. Chou carries Shinoko's sword, Frostbite . She held a grudge against the vampires and wished to cause the destruction of their entire race.

Chou's VampirismEdit

Chou was turned into a vampire when Kumo used her spirit bond with Chou to control her and forced her hand to pick vampire over woodelves. At thirteen-years-old, Chou was scared and lonely as a vampire. She tried to go back, but King Urstin and Death Knight Tahl both attempted to kill her on seperate occasions. She was immensely hurt and her condition worsened. As Chou's stress levels sky-rocketed, only one thing made sense to her, she would make the woodelves pay for their behavior...
Chou Foxfire

Chou Foxfire