Cotillion by hellhowler-d4i1jai

Cotillion, Post-Cataclysm

"the Mind of Man--
My haunt, and the main region of my song." -Cotillion

General InformationEdit

  • Name: Cotillion Dancer aka The Rope
  • Race: Tinai; Fallen Angel
  • Age: 102,250
  • Moral Alignment: Depends on situation
  • Religious Affiliation: None - Whatever Suits him at the time
  • Current Occupation: Assassin - Attempting to create an inter-racial assassins guild.

Physical AppearanceEdit

  • Height: 6'
  • Eyes: Dark grey
  • Clothing: Cotillion generally appears to wear a black and red set of armor, with a grey-black cowl over his head. He is normally found wielding a dagger and an animated rope, the latter lost to him recently



Little is know about cotillion at all, yet alone his earlier life. Some claim that he was involved in some high profile murders at the time, but this is mostly considered ramblings of fools. What is known is that he was highly respected for his chosen craft and he was considered 'a rotten apple' among some of his Tinai peers.

Dead AgeEdit

Cotillion was known to be in the company which found the Getae, and he himself took part in the massacre of hundreds of Getae. It was around this time where Cotillion found his rope which he was able to animate, thus allowing his killing capacity to increase.

Recent HistoryEdit

The period after the dead age is shrouded in darkness for Cotillion, some say he forged a mighty empire which lasted for aeons, whilst others say that he turned his eye towards the mortal races, gaining himself a cult of shadow dedicated to him. the only certainty is that Cotillion has became a fallen angel. Most recently Cotillion has returned to his kin in order to establish a guild of assassins compromising of all the races. This purpose is known only to cotillion.