Statistics: Edit

Race: Wood Elf

Gender: Male
Elf ranger

Lupos in the near future

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Green

Title: Elven Bowman

Occupation: Soldier/Hunter

Home City: Olvasound

Current City: Olvasound

Associated Faction: Wood Elves

Worships: Ashtor and Lunarine

Early Life:Edit

Lupos was born to a family of thieves outcast by Olvasound and living amongst the surrounding wilds on the outskirts of town. Months after his birth, Lupos was left in the small dwelling his family called home by himself as they went out to rob travellers and merchants. During this time a single lone wolf known as Brokentooth stumbled across the small wooden shack as he cautiously stepped in the whines of an infant peaked his interest gazing at the peculiar and defenseless creature lying amidst a pile of rags he remembered stalking an old dwarf pushing a cart when two Wood Elves approached the man and made those odd forms of howling and barking when they slaughtered the man and began sorting through the goods in the cart. Suddenly a volley of arrows pierced the flesh of the emaciated scavenging Elves. Brokentooth had left afterwards not wishing to see what happened next. The large mottled gray wolf lifted the little elf gingerly from the rags careful not to pierce its flesh with his imposing fangs. In the thirteen years to follow Lupos would be taught to hunt and survive in the wilderness by his foster wolf father