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Mr Z Edit

Mayor of Olvasound, King of Wood Elves, and such.

Statistics Edit

Race: Wood Elf

Gender: Male

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Green

Title: King of Wood Elves and Mayor/Founder of Olvasound

Occupation: King

Home City: Olvasound

Current City: Olvasound

Associated Faction: Wood Elves


Birth and Family Edit

Mr Z, born Urstin, was concieved in a little log cabin, deep within the thick branches and wooden coverage of what would later become Ravenholme, Urstin's Father, Lartique, and Mother, Daline, struggled to survive the dangers of what came during the night, and the hunger of what they lived during the day. His father Lartique worked in the mountains when Urstin was first born, cutting down trees and flattening land for civilization. lartique would later become an architect for a sancutary for the The Gods towards the end of his career, inspiring Urstin to become a skillful builder himself. Not much information is known about his mother Daline. Some of the information that has been revealed shows signs of Daline being a hunter-gatherer, a fierce opponent against deady wildlife and creatures, however none of this can be proven. Mr Z had two older sisters, who were both killed when he was 3, after a large dark pine tree fell on his family's cabin. This could be why Mr Z prefers to live in the snow biomes and build with dark pine logs, to comemerate his fallen sisters.

Youth Edit

Mr Z lived a harsh life as a gatherer of logs and planks for several villages around the world. In his adolescent years, he spent much of his climbing the vines of Jungle Trees to write journals, or thoughts into a diary he still has to this day. Though his family spent much of their time struggling to survive, Mr Z learned how to capitilize on hard work, a skill that would later earn him the privledge of being King of the Wood Elves, and the respect of many throughout the world, and of the vast races.

Later Life Edit

His most recent project is the founding and building of what is currently the Wood Elf capital city, Olvasound. Olvasound is a fortified village, on a corner of an island that hangs next to freshwater river, in a snow biome. Mr Z used dark pine logs, and wooden steps, to create enormous walls, that castle above the inner plots of Olvasound. Having several allies of various races, he decided to open the city not just to Wood Elves, but to any respectable person, no matter the race, to live within the walls of Olvasound. When he isn't working on his city, he is either helping new comers to the world, or coming with ways, to better Olvasound, and it's allied cities.

Accomplishments Edit

Founded Olvasound on April 27, 2012

Elected King of Wood Elves May 1st, 2012

Notable Events Edit

Under Development

Death Edit

Still kickin'