Race: Dwarf

Gender: Male

Hair color: Blonde

Eye color: blue w/ eye patch

Occupation: King / Builder

Home City: Moria

Current City: Tuldrock


Robert Stonebeard was born in Moria, The home city of the Stonebeard clan. Being part of the head family of the clan, and the son of a second cousin of the clans chief, he grew up wealthy and learned much of politics watching his family in diplomatic negotiations with other clans. He watched the growing tensions between the clans, especially with the Stonebeard's long time rivals, the Kurgans.


Robert became a key figure in Stonebeard relations with the Ironblood clan but despite all efforts, relations between the four clans were quickly spiraling out of control. The 4th Clan War came quickly after. Robert assumed the role of a military official beside his father. He quickly became a well known war hero amongst the Stonebeard clan, but lost his eye in the Battle of Mundria, and later his father in the biggest battle of the war on Mount Tuldrock.

The Age of Python:Edit

Robert was at the site of a negotiation with the leaders of the Ironblood clan to discuss an alliance in order to bring an end to the war with the other two clans just outside of Meropis when The Storm Dragon broke free of his prison just a few miles to the east. In the battle that ensued Many Stonebeards and Ironbloods lost thier lives to Python. Amongst those that found thier place with Gias on The Eternal Mountain that day were Robert's Uncle and the chief of Stonebeard clan. Robert was among the few that were able to escape The Storm Dragon's rampage. With thier chief dead the Stonebeards had lost the will to fight off Python when he came to raze Moria to the ground along with the home cities of all three of the other clans, thus ending the 4th Clan War. Seeing the desperation of the time Robert called for an alliance between the four clans and founded a great capital for all dwarves under Mount Tuldrock, the site of his father's death. Recognizing his leadership and what he had done for them the dwarves elected Robert as their first king as a united people.


During his time as king, Robert was quick to find seven advisors to appoint to his small council. They were his cousin, Angrosh Stonebeard, his brother, Dorno Stonebeard, Ivan Icebrow, Thor Odenson, A friend from his time as a diplomat, Atrier Ironblood, Hank Pym, and Patrick Fourleaf. Seeing that they were vunerable as long as Python Flew through the skies, Robert forged a fast friendship with Senri Ponderer, the then leader of the barbarian tribe and Azura, the right hand to Celine Lunia, the queen of the angels. His close friendship with the barbarians earned the dwaarves a seat on The Combined Council. Robert served on the council with his appointed representative, Torig Duerdar, who was also given a seat on Tuldrock's small council. Together they helped shape the foriegn policies and strategies against Python for the races of The Combine.