Shinoko Foxfire

Death Knight Shinoko Foxfire

Shinoko Foxfire (deceased) is a woodelf Death Knight . Kidnapped at a young age like the rest of the Death Knights, she excelled in many of her trainings and was considered a prodigy by many. She quickly made her way through the ranks, many of her peers failing to keep up. When her ruler betrayed the Death Knights, she went to search out Urstin Olva, king of the woodelves, to find redemption and purpose.


Shinoko's weapon of choice is her hand-forged diamond runeblade, "Frostbite." It is emblazoned with a rune of Razorice, imbuing the sword with an aura of frost. The sword's blade is so cold, (-361°C, -683°F) that everything it touches freezes instantly.


Frostbite, Shinoko's Pride and Joy


Shinoko wears the traditional Death Knight plate armor that is given to all Death Knights. She has pale light skin, glowing blue eyes and long black hair.


Shinoko has two daughters, Chou Foxfire (age 13) and Kumo Foxfire (age 13). Both carry the blood of an original Death Knight. While Chou vowed to avenge her mother's death by anihilating the vampire race, Kumo, tempted by the thought of power and immortality, joined the vampires.


Shinoko Foxfire encountering Malcolm Millenium (left) and Sadelko Deluge (right)


Shinoko was slain by Malcolm Millenium and Sadelko Deluge outside of Frostspire. In her last moments she fled from her enemies and was impaled as she turned around to fight.