Angrosh is Born in Tuldrock, the Capital of the new dwarfen Nation. He is one of the younger Generation who realy want to make the Town of Tuldrock a glorius and impressive City. Not only that he got the Title "Master of Renovations", he also is part of the Council and in family with King Robert Stonebeard.


As young Dwarf he watched how the political situation between the Clans got out of Control and the 4th Clanwar of the Dwarfs started, he lost 2 Brothers and his Uncle during this bloodywar, but in the End the Stonebeards could win this, with the Help from the Ironbloods. Tuldrock was just a ruin of itself, but already after this some of the Stonebeard began to rebuild the city and one of them were the Father of Angrosh.

The Era of PythonEdit

Some years ago the Father of Angrosh died during a fight against Python, now its the Task of Angrosh to complete what the Father began. He talked with the new elected King Robert Stonebeard and just after a few days Angrosh got the Seat in the Council and the Title "Master of Renovations". Some Buildings in Tuldrock he build are : the Market, the Throne and his last project: the great Arena of Tuldrock. Some further project are planed, but Angrosh is not only interested in Building things, as hobby he also travels to old Dwarfen Ruins and study the History of his Race. After some Expeditions he created the Archeaology Guild of Tuldrock to get more People working on find out what happens in the Time before Python destroyed the Known World


King Robert Stonebeard, Cousin.