Mechira Verdigris


Mechira Verdigris

Race: Zahnfe

Gender: Genderless/Female

Size: 4 feet

Eye color: Lime Green

Occupation: Builder

Town: Ravendawn

Nation: Athyrial


Mechira is a Zahnfe, though technically genderless, she speaks with a feminine if not rather tinny voice. Friendly and polite, she enjoys the company of others, however will happily build and create on her own. Being clockwork, she needs others to wind her spring, so often has to seek out help from others; gladly aiding those who helped her. She is afraid of her spring becoming unwound completely.


Mechira's true origins have been forgotten. She was recently unearthed in a mining trip; found deactivated, those who found her took her to the surface (probably for scrap iron), but wound her coil out of curiosity. It is gathered that she must have been trapped under rubble in a mining mission and forgotten about.

Since then, she's been exploring in the sunlight, attempting to make sense of the goings-on in the world since being buried.