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Player== Vinny2Times

Essential StatisticsEdit

Race:High Human


Hair Color:Brown

Eye Color:Brown

Title:The Wise

Occupation: King/Hero/Scholor

Home City:Biblio

Current City:Andyr

Birth and FamilyEdit

Born at Biblio, Cheju to Vince and Katrina a minor librarian and scholar and his wife. He was the third oldest of a family of 8 children. His oldest brother went on to be on of the youngest scholars to be accepted at the Great Library. His oldest Sister joined the sisterhood of the Worm at the age of 14 and has been climbing the ranks ever since. His younger siblings have all gone on to acheive high ranks in various fields such as medicine, politics, and the military.


In his youth Vinny was more of a book worm. He had a bit of a stutter which earned him the nickname 2Times. Plagued by the success of his siblings he was always in the shadows left to his stories. He soked up knowledge in all areas but his favorites were of the clash of the Kingdoms. He studied the various kings and thier downfalls. In his latter adolescence he became rebellious and he joined the Remembrance in persuit of knowledge.

Early AdulthoodEdit

In his persuit he came accross an old scoll that he could not comprehend. He spent years in the Library and finally tranlated the text. It was a Scroll of Prolonged Life now outlawed by the High Scholars. He made an elaborate display of destroying the Scroll to appease the High Coucil but it was all a ruse. He went out into the great pine forest far way from everyone on a full moon lite night. He called upon the old spirits and awoke old magic forbidden now. It flowed thru him with great energy and left just as quick. Upon returning home the elders were ready having felt the forces called. He was repremanded and faced a grave choice, eternal imprisonment (which given his new state would be a while) or forced to go on a pilgrimage. Being a smart feller he chose the latter. He was given his 10 favorite books, a chicken, and a small boat. With all the best wishes of his former town he went out upon the land to record history and write the greatest Tomb of History ever written.