Zenoviren Laenith is a peaceful character, She likes all races and hold none against them, even at times of war she would risk her life to go and visit a friend in a hostile kingdom. Right are Rights and just because war splits races apart, it doesent mean friendship shouldent be split with it.

This is the story of how Zenovi became who she is now.

The story begins in a ancient castle far away in the relm of Asthrogar, rules by the Dark lord of Blight, In that castle was one single elven woman, surrounded by many guards, while constantly being locked away in a small luxorious cell. She spent eighteen months reviewing what she had done, Nothing. For her entire life she had always been the peacekeeper, never doing anything that would cause any damage to her friend, her kin or strangers. Not then did she realise that she had suddenly became pregnant, This to her and to all was a mystery. Some say it was angels, some say it was demons. But only one knew, and he was in the heavens 7 1/2 months later, she gave birth so a baby girl that she names Zenoviren, the elvish word for Princess of Kindness. Years past by as the woman taught her daughter more than enought to survive, she knew every language, every phrase and additional ancient knowledge which would give her gifts from the gods.

16 years passed by, war fought, lost and won the castle was taken over by a new tribe of orcs, known as Amaderii, War-mongers. These resilliant beasts could only win in numbers , they had no skill. Zenovi took her chances and attempted an escape wit her mother, They managed to get out of their cell, and out into the open world, free from inprisionment. They found a small peice of open land resting on a nearby river and settled down. After 54 years her mother had died of old age, and quickly Zenovi began to learn about the world, for over 200 years she had wandered the inner depths of the forest as it expanded, building itself a canopy that streatched for kilometres on end. But her time came to face an old enemy. Asthogar. had returned from the evil dwellings of hell to break the Demons wraith and open the doors from the underworld and let lose all evil that had long been forgotten. Her fight lasted for year, as she kept the door sealed shut with ancient spells long lost by time. But eventually she managed to defeat Asthrogar and calim victory that was unknowingly lost. As she set sail with a crew of hardy seamen she set sail to the horizon where a mighty storm broke lose....

For another 120 years she had been afloat, where she landed on a mysterious island, with races she had never seen before. From that moment in time she saw what would become of this land, war-torn by many wars in future to come. Her time had just begun, her life-span of an elf was abnormal as she should of died many years ago. It is now her mission to find out what had happened in that tower.

This is her Story.