Pow Tree is the most popular name for this man; in reality, nobody truly knows his name, or story. Legends about him range from him being a supernatural being, to him being a perverted murderer that kills without mercy. He is a human with cold black eyes, and is 5"11'. He is Neutral.

Pow does most of his work off the record. He is paid to do many things that normal men simply would never have the guts or will to do. This is not to say he always succeeds; he is caught many a time. However, with a large enough sum, he will attempt anything.

There are those who wish to help Pow. They try to understand his story, to understand the man he was and is. With the information they've gathered, they have peiced together some.

When asked about his parents, he always responds, "Trees, apples, they all die eventually. Sometimes the apple rots before the tree falls, and sometimes the tree is chopped down.." This makes many people believe that his parents were murdered. One individual decided to ask, "can an apple, who is strong enough, tip over a tree?" and he answered, "Ha. You ask the things that happened instead of the things that will."

With the metaphors and subtle clues he has given, people can conclude these things: his parents were aparrantly murdered (no one knows by whom). He decided one day that he would be a hitman, and started practicing by murdering his friends. He eventually formed a joy for this, and, some people believe, murdered the only woman he loved.

He, one day, met a rattman named Day Man. They became friends; the only one he has not murdered.

Contrary to popular belief, Pow is not an assasin. He works in the affairs of death from time to time, but, mostly he serves himself. He makes a living by other means.