Here you can read a brief bio about the lives of all the escaped prisoners, leading up to their imprisonment.

Sapphire Aron-Glompishpenguins

Being born in the in the quaint village of what is now Arken, Sapphire Aron would grow up to become a woman of great and unholy arcane power. During the times of the plague Sapphire was born to a single mother who raised her until she was five when she was wed to Johann Arkenhiemer, a local apothecary owner. Her biological father had died from the plague. Throughout her childhood she seemed awkward out of the other children, more downcast and lonely. Though her loneliness was self inflicted of course, seeing she never liked many of the other children, she was more interested in her literature. She read of books that spoke of arcane powers, and it had become an interest to her, especially that of necromancy. But one night her father had found her reading a book of such unholy magic, and he ripped it from her hands and cast it into the fireplace, telling her of it's blasphemies towards their religion. She was raised catholic but never cared for such a belief, and remained dwelling on her studies. Until the age of twelve she never had shown any signs of oddities in her health. On a cold winter morning her mother had awoken to find her huddled in the corner of her room in state known as 'the thousand yard stare'. When her mother tried to talk to her she would get no response until Sapphire spoke of the room being soaked in blood, and a man would be starring at her. A dead man with light coming from his eyes and mouth. And then about one hour later she collapsed and fell into a state of unconsciousness. She was taken to a doctor, who had apparently heard of this case before, he lived in a town far from Arken named Horus in a small home, which also contained his office and study. What they did not know, was that this man, named Jacque Le Rior, was a necromancer, and yes he had seen this before. It is a mental disease he dubs, 'Necromentia', which happens to be the name of the book series Sapphire writes now. Being diagnosed with it, he had expected her to have some power among the necromantic arts, and gave her a small trinket. The trinket was a necklace that had a small skull ornament on the center of it. She was told to never lose it, and if she was ever to return to Horus, to never look for him. She never understood why, but did as she was told. She later learned that Jacque had been burned at the stake for practicing witch craft. The next year as she struggled to remain sane from her mental disease, she began practicing the necromancy, and she did so because it apparently is what a voice inside her head kept telling her to do. The voice happened to be coming from the skull ornament that hung from her necklace, and it was enchanted to give instructions on what she must practice. She hardly knew why she was being told to do so, but seeing Jacque had told her never to lose it, made it seem like these instructions were important. It was not until age seventeen when she was given a message that had told her to return to Horus and return to the home of Jacque Le Rior. Doing so took several months for the travel seeing she could not afford a horse, and was in no state to steal one. Once arriving she was greeted by a group of six men who all hid their faces behind hoods. They all were dressed in black robes and shrouds and said they were of The Order of the Omen, who were a group of necromancers who were accused of witchcraft and were being hunted by several governments. They offered her the ability to join the order seeing her progress was being watched the entire time she was training in her necromancy. After training with them for many years, she was told to venture to even more distant lands and find prosperity in them. Now she has arrived and found herself at the disposal of her races holding here in this war of races.

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Anorei - Little0smit

Anorei lived on the island of Thule but when he was a young boy his house was attacked and his family killed by bandits. He managed to escape with his life and left the land in an attempt to forget what had happened and to start a new life. He spent many years on his own exploring the world and has now settled in the continent of Acacia doing any kind work to earn a living. His wish it to find the bandits who killed his family and kill them in revenge.

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Mixxit the Bard - mixxit

Mixxit spent much of his youth on the island of Asgarad in the town of Ravenholme, despite being Eusebian by descent he found a home among the Vishim and spent many years fighting the undead swarms of the east before finally making his way to Tsiyon and finding a home in the worlds capital.

Andrés C. - anakesmortem

Tired of the urban life, Andrés traveled by boat in search for adventure. His boat crashed in the middle of a stormy night and woke on an island not shown on maps, in fact, this new place was different to anything he ever read or heard about.

Remus - Arnies_Right_Hand_Man

Trained from an early age to be a master assassin and as a result does not speak much. Is very independant in his work.

Lord Ashton - ashtonr12 Lord Ashton was a wealthy lord from over the seas but he was evicted from is home and left in the wild because he murdered someone he is very dangerous but can have a nice side . ! approach with caution! he is trying to found an empire to strike back at the rebels who threw him out of their counrty and retake it over no one knows if this is true but its what he tells people.

Jack - BradyBui

Jack was abandon when he was 3 years old.Jack grew up with his grandparents Hallie and Justin until he was 18 years old. His grandpa was killed by a group a men when he was walking outside to feed his pet dog Lucky. His grandma with shot with an arrow through her head right in front of and Jack cried and looked at the arrow it had a message on it saying "your next Jack".Jack did't know what to do so he set out in an adventure with his grandpa's dog Lucky to find the killers and to find his mom and dad.He was dehydrated in the blazing heat and pasted out in the middle of the forest. When he woke up he was in a dark cave with his dog next to him. He looked around and saw 4 bright glowing yellow eyes and it did not looked like a normal human eye. He said "who's there" and they walked to Jack slow with loud footsteps and they said so your awake Jack? Jack got scared and tried to run and keep his dog safe but they picked the dog up and ate it with 1 big bite. Jack was over come with rage he tried to kill the two monsters and the monsters finally said "would u hurt your own two parents?" Jack was in a lot of confusion and said out of pure rage "yes i would!" and ran out the wooden door and saw the full moon. He stared to transform into a werewolf and ran with out know where he was going. The sun stared to to rise and Jack smells some human blood but before he got to the village he transform into a human again and hopes to have a better life in the village and every night on the full moon he would locked him self in his house so no one would get hurt in the village.

Xaiver Losten - Brianbui

Xaiver son of Zaive and Amber Losten. Lived near the outer line of the town near the woods. Xaiver was following his father footstep in being a knight even with his mother disapproval. He was closer to his father then his mom she always wanted him to study and become a royal doctor but Xaiver wants to be a knight and live the life of adventure. At age 10 his father was killed. He was hunting for pork when a Green Monster(creeper)sneaked up and killed him. Due to the lost of his father he lost interest in becoming a knight because it reminds him of his father. At age 17 his house burned down from a lighting storm while he was out with a few friends. His mother was burned alive. When the towns folk found the burned down house Xaiver was kneeling at a pile of ashes where his house was. He soon left the old town in search of a new home to leave behind the memorys. He on the path to be a knight because he has nothing left to lose. If he died he would be with his parents once again. He is now 18 and ready for a new life.

Cameran - cameron 2.0 Cameran was a baker until i was acused stealing, i did none of this but they still threw me in prison :( baking was my life and with this i will start a new one. i still want revenge on those who took my life

Derek Hansen - d3rk99

Me and my companion, Colton Moore, are in search for adventurer and a new life. we hope to find what we are looking for there in Solinia. And we will have our victory!

Craige Warren - dyerb01

Craig Warren was a simple woodsman, handsome one at that. Never brought harm to himself or others, and provided his town with the finest fireplace wood and even felled some trees on the side for the carpenters. He had a faithful mastiff named Stills, since the mutt was old, he hardly ever moved except to chase squirrels and rabbits. One night, as he was finishing up, he heard a strange growl come from the thick woods. Stills got up, stancing and growling into the lingering darkness before them, the fur on his neck standing up which meant it was most probably a bear or a fox perhaps. Rumors had said strange creatures had been spotted roaming the woods, but Craig had killed his fair share of bears and foxes, so he thought nothing of it. Picking up his last bundle, he made his way back to his cabin. Loud roar was heard and sharp claws slowly melted into the skin of his back and then a large saliva jaw clamped around his shoulder, piercing his skin as the contagious curse of the worgen was placed upon him, claws and fangs were then ripped out, taking his breath away. The creature was heavy as it used him as a platform to jump on Craig's cabin roof, forcing Craig down into the ground as it did. Craig being wounded heavily, on the floor slowly blanked out, his vision blurring as he looked up at the large humanoid-like creature pouncing away into the dense woods behind Craig's cabin before passing out, coming to himself the next morning, still in the position he was left the night before, strangely enough the large wounds had healed miraculously only leaving behind scars, his clothes ripped and shredded from the beast, obviously it wasn't just a nightmare, later hearing Gilneas was attacked during the night by strange creatures which were once man, there were others just like Craig, attacked, bitten.. survivors amongst the rubble of their once glorious city, now its citizen struggling with the new plague which threatened their sanity.

Feteash - Feteash

An escape victim from his home town, was over run by darkhumans, out to seek revenge and find the truth about his family...

Kim Ulafe - fin_kim

im come's from a traveling family that has crossed the plain's of the 12 Continents. Now of age Kim backpacks her way over the Continents to uncover tails of unsung tail's of the land's and find the mystery's with in the land's.

Colton Moore - Flipf17

I'm skilled in fighting and is willing to help others at all time.

Gamers areth us - Gam3rzRus

He was a elven person from the continent of Avalon. He was a very happy person, Because he was entertained almost all his life.

Eegor - johnnykins29

dead parents, wants revenge, making his way to the top of community ladder, no job, trained assasin.

Tomsaywer - Luke5760

Raised in the city, parents died at a young age and seeks revenge.

Vendackrey - metalman0717

orged in the fire of mount Rakvar beyond the foothills of Alatyr

Phex Miller - phex2

Phex Miller has been wondering the woods for a while now in hope to find a town/community. He has been very lonely and is looking to make friends and help out.

Steam-powered Automaton Prototype 180 / Proto - Proto

This prototype automaton was constructed from unfamiliar materials by strange hands. The machine has no recollection of his arrival in Solinia, his first memory being reactivation as a prisoner. When asked his name, the automaton replied with the moniker shown above, but the other prisoners took to calling him Proto instead. He does not appear to be an artifice of war, but his riveted body is every bit as capable as that of a living person. Though powered by steam generated through combustion of wood and coal, Proto is able to consume organic foodstuffs through a hidden inlet beneath his photosensors. How this food is converted into useful energy has not been determined, though it does seem to have a beneficial effect on damaged or malfunctioning components. Built to survive.

Ferin Darkbringer - putipmup

A gobel taken from his homeland, not sure why, must try to fit into society, but its hard while in jail...

roadkilered - roadkilered

Bar ted at a local pub. Parents are not dead. Has always been looking for adventure. ( Need's help expanding a bit)

Stjerneklar Of Andonesia - Stjerneklar

A mighty vampire lord from Alcor, imprisoned while traveling the lands.

After his escape, he has set up an outpost hoping to attract evil allies to his cause, whatever that may be.

Wibbler Wibbleton the Wibbleth - Wibbler

Little is known about the strange fungal-like creature. It rarely speaks to travellers but is regularly seen seen roaming the land replanting trees where ever it goes.

You will always replant trees.

Ethan Jabberstay - wicklund1212

Ethan Jabberstay was born into a family of blacksmiths. On his 7th birthday his father taught him to make a sword. Nothing special but this meant everything to Ethan. One day while he was trying to make his sword fancier a fire broke out burning the house down and... his parents. Ethan was devastated no one knew it was him though they thought it was a random fire becuase it was a blacksmith. Ethan lived the rest of his live in guilt and fleded the town keeping only one posssession... his sword.

Pink Prince - xgc247

Xeno Legacy - XLegacy

a banished dark knight seeking a new place to call home. he has found home in nilakantha and is a skilled warrior. he protects the city with his life killing anything that bothers it.