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Project Alatyr - project that aims to rebuild continent of Alatyr in order to use it as a possible server map. It is yet unconfirmed and its future is unknown.


Alatyr is mostly rural, with rolling forests and hills. It's divided into three regions:

  • Uhrwek
  • Tosteladt
  • Krastoffen


Uhrwek is a very forested region. There are many rivers and lakes here. Uhrwek is divided into three main areas:

Hurthi IslandEdit

After the second expedition many nations thought about how to capture this island first. Hurthi Island is the best strategic spot on the continent. Owner of this island will gain control over the Riverland merchants and will soon become the richest faction on Alatyr. In addition this place is surrounded from all sides with small mountains.


Land of countless lakes and rivers. An excellent place for merchants to establish their camps. Rivers connect Riverland will all Alatyr.

Uhrwek Great ForestEdit

Largest and oldest forest on Alatyr. It is so dense that sunlight scarcely reaches the ground here.


Tosteladt is hilly, heavily wooded area.


Land of levitating islands. This place served as a home for unknown magical beings in the ancient times. Now it is abandoned but the islands are still floating.

Deadly MarshesEdit

Deadliest place on the continent. This place is so horrific and awful that nobody wanted to even give it a proper name.

Rocky CoastEdit

Ships from the first expedition sank here while trying to dock.

The Great VolcanoEdit

Little is known about this place. It is believed that some powerful creature still lives here.


Tosteladt HighlandsEdit

This place is similar to the Tosteladt Woods except the forests here are more dense and land is more hilly.

Tosteladt WoodsEdit

Amazing and dense woods that cover large part of Tosteladt. There are many bird species living here.



Krastoffen is a place of extreme mountains and epic landscapes.

Aloria MountainsEdit

One of biggest and the most complicated chains of mountains that protects Krastoffen from the cold eastern winds. The highest summit of this mountains is called Storm Peak.Krastoffen Highlands

Krastoffen HighlandsEdit

Ancient trees grow here for thousands of years. It is commonly believed that this place holds holy power capable of destroying any undead creature instantly.

Solar FieldsEdit

Poets, writers, dreamers and bards from all around the world believe that this is the most beautiful place in the world. There is a legend that the flowers form this place have a tremendous magical power capable of making any woman fall in love with the person who will give her this flowers as a gift.

Star MountainEdit

The highest mountain in Alatyr and one of the highest in the entire Solinia. It is impossible for mortals to get to its summit. This mountain served as a meeting place for an ancient rulers of Alatyr.

The Great HoleEdit

Geologists have no idea how it appeared. Everyone believes that this place hides big secrets.

The Great IcebergEdit

The last iceberg on Alatyr. It will melt soon. Long ago all Alatyr was a frozen wasteland.

Tomir MountainsEdit

Much smaller than Aloria Mountains. They are surrounded by Moon Lake from the one side and Tomir Forest from another.



Little is known about the past of this land, but it is believed that some intelligent and very advanced race lived here. The only structure yet found is located on the summit of Star Mountain.

The ExpeditionEdit

In the past Alatyr was a legend. Nobody knew where it is located and how to get there. Some sailors believed that Alatyr was located in the eye of the storm that covered tremendous area of ocean for thousands of years. This storm was so powerful that no ship could even pass through it.

Not so long ago unknown events forced this storm to dissappear. Legendary Alatyr was uncovered to the world. First expedition began two years later. This expedition consisted of three ships. All of them sank because they got  trapped in Rocky Coast while trying to dock.

After this failure nobody wanted to sail there anymore. Five years later anonymous sailor tried his luck and successfully docked his ship somewhere in the south coast. He returned home well-supplied and soon became the richest person in his homeland.


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Project Alatyr Cinematic-0