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Raze Batte
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Raze has lived for about 1,350,264,097 years. He has had plenty of time to master many subjects that take time including Magic, Alchemy, Healing and other magic properties that take work. He first Hello came into the world when Ice formed on the surface of lava, the 2 elements mixed together and formed Raze. He began the first part of his life in the land of Caphori


Caphori was a sea locked island, holding many people and mysterious gods, Raze started as a traveling merchent with a dwarf called Erbrack. Together they traveled around the island that held many moutains and jungles. In time Ebracks heart became corrupted by gold and he attempted to murder Raze. He failed, and was dieing when Raze walked away, Due to this Raze became a wanted criminal in the land of Caphori. Desperate for a way out of the land, he learned the Element of water and fled from the island, into a land called Elysain.....


Elysian was the second land Raze had been in and little did he know it would end in blood. When he entered, the land was in the middle of a blood conflict. Various factions were fighting for power over the land. The leading faction was lead by a ruthless leader by the name of Dethscythe. Dethscythe was an exelent swordsmen and archer, best in the land that is. Raze spent about 5,620,132 years of his life in the land of Elysian helping the fight for what is good and evil. Dethscuythe and Raze fought alot, and in result a everlasting storm rages over the Elysian battlefeild. They fought many times untill Raze said he had enough and he left the land.

Battle Elysian

The Storm over Elysian


Pulpica was a land called the land of knowlage. In this land he went to the capital called Emineance, in the capital he studied many things, Magic, Healing, fighting, diplomacy and other things. That was untill a deadly plauge of niche Tounge came around. Niche tounge killed many, even elementals. Raze had studied plants though and through quick thinking he was able to save alot of the popualtion and becoming the kings favor. However Raze wanted one thing from the king....The Crown. The crown held huge magic proportions and Raze looked to have that. Instead of gettign the crown, he tore off the magic saphire in the crown and put it in his own and therefore left the land..


Eberon was a land shrouded in mystery. In eberbon Raze found his people were treated as slaves. Summoned to do their mastered bidding. Raze, outraged by this lead a group of Elementals to freedom and they soon got their own rights. This was the act that gave Raze a passion to lead people of his own. As he was filling out pappers in his office one day. The Elemental god appeard before him and bestoyed him the gift of the storm, and thus he learned how to controll lighting, rain and wind. All was well into a jelous human wanted to over throw Raze. his name was Domiskis. Domiskis summoned the weaver and Took Raze capitive with the weacers help. The Weaver then bestowed Domiskis a Swords called the Time Blade. He was going to stab Raze right at that time but he was blind.... Domiskis wanted all the power to himself and he turned the Time Blade onto the Weaver. The Weaver Enraged by this Killed Domiskis and shattered the Time Blade. Raze blacked out and woke up in piles of ash only to fidn the shattered remains of the Time Blade. With his lava Ablity he remade it, and Left the land....


As Raze entered he layed low and he continues his journeys as king to this day.....


  1. Healing
  2. Magic
  3. Weather
  4. Wisedom
  5. Intelligence
  6. Insight
  7. Nature
  8. ect

3.Fighting StylesEdit

Raze fights like any other Elemental, by launching forums of his/her magic at them, but he also varis in other fighting styles....

4.Friends and EnemysEdit


Raze has known arkon and been good friends with him sence he joined the land of Solina he trusts arkon to the fullest


When Raze First entered in the land optar was the one who suggested he become leader of Elementals he highly trusts optar


this ruthless warrior and Raze hate eachother with a burning passion after many battles so brutal the earths crust was torn off a few times


Water FormEdit

Razes water form is when he is see through and made of levitating water. Razes water form in battle is a giant Water dragon

Raze Water dragon

Raze In Water Battle Form

Fire FormEdit

Raze in fire form is well...on fire. In battle form he turns into a giant fire elemental

Earth FormEdit

Raze looks pretty normal in his earth form