name: Robie Rocket II

height: 6 feet

weight: 190 lb

hair: none

eyes: yellow

race: goblin (pure native gobel)

Age: 16

combat: usually gets others to fight but can still fight just aswell as the next goblin

Alignment: Dark

Home city: none yet

morality: often freindly to strangers and is somtimes a coward

armour: magic armour he got from killing a Fathom possed by a evil spirit

weapons: 7 stone sowrds given to him by his father

magic: basic magic but does have a curse that he also uses as a power


When Robie was born he was diffrent than most of the goblins in his tribe. Most in his tribe were strong and bulky while he was small and scrony but he was smart while his brothers and sisters were clonking heads he was learning. even though he was smart. no one in his tribe liked him not even his own mother (he didnt really know his dad) so when he was 8 he was sent off to the wizarding school of moon valley he only stayed there for two years before he left after being made fun of from his high elf and high human peers ( he got into the school through a lottery) he ran off far away (only he knows of exactly what he did there) while he was there to keep himself somewhat sain he befriended a stone elemental who he named after himself after 2 years in the wild he came back to civilization with a great hatred for his tribe his elemental friend (RRII for short) was much bigger and stronger now. Wearing the armour of a fallen fathom he lead RRII into battle against his own tribe he and RRII kiled thusands of them most scurried off. Robie and RRII were left mortaly wounded and dieing as they were about to die they saw a figure approch them. it was methebt he told them "for your good deeds in your past lives I will let you two live but not without punishment for everytime the moon is shrouded in darkness a creature of your sins will be unleashed in the form of the elemental your two minds will be melded and so you will live the rest of your days as one" they werent sure what was gonna happen but they agreed but then passed out. they woke up outside a tavern just as the sun was setting. robie had a terrible head ache and felt diffrent he then knew that he was also RRII beacuse he had his memories to he was scared so he ordered a few drinks but as day turned to night it was a eclipse. As robie was ordering his 7th shot of ale he began to change all of a suddon his skin started to fall off and his eyes began to burn before he knew it he was a monster of pure evil he destryed the tavern and the entire town for that matter ( the town was much bigger than his tribe). by the end of the night he was exhasted so then he knew he had to get help.