Race: Tinai; FallenAngel

Size: 6,0

Skin: White

Age: 5,000

Hair: Grey

Eyes: Red

Legs: 2

Arms: 2

Artistic Style

Associated colour: Black

Associated mood: Happy,Sad


Combat Ability: Excellent

Magic Ability: Excellent

Alignment and FactionEdit

Alignment: Good

Home City: Currently, None

Primary Faction: Currently, None

Primary Deity: Currently None


This legendary race has been spoken of many times but few catch a glimpse of them outside of their nightmares and sometimes within the shadows. The Fallen Angels are the dead Tinai that once fought Hiran Asura centuries ago during the Cataclysm . They are bound forever in his service and are led by the Abomination that was onceLera a High Priestess of the Tinai who stood to defend Esoron as the Tinai fled Solinia.

The Fallen Angels are a twisted image of their Kin and lifeless beings of chaos that forever plot and scheme to bring forth the day that their creator should return.


Saito Fallenwing Was abondoned by his Race due to his weakness in strength. He later, became stronger and came to return to the Fallen Tinai. They accepted him and treated him as his Underling. He soon became attached to scrolls. He Killed everyone and everything to find scrolls.
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Saito After He became Stronger (with Hood)

He later lost all of his scrolls suddenly. So he tries to find more and more scrolls. He hasnt killed anyone recently, becease he later learned more about people. He started to become more kind but, he acts cool to hide it. He would only kill if someone threatens him or

One of his friends. The marks on Saito's body and Arms are because of The Ancient Scrolls. He tried to do the Ancient Scroll:Stomp. The scroll took over his body and sometimes he feels pain on his arm and chest. He wishes to meet The Queen of Blightmoon, so he can get a title and have a new friend. Saito's quote's are very meaningful but, hard to find out what it means. -Everyone has a fire inside them, they just need a spark to light it up. Even if the fire has been put out, you can keep it on. -Saito Zyokkyou. The quote means, everyone his different emotions, they will just neeed something to trigger it. Even if someone takes away that emotion, they can't stop the way you still feel.

Saito has a secret scroll that has these imprintings on it

Smp hylian3

The Symbols that Saito found on a scroll

He searches everywhere to find out what it means but, he cant find anything. Then suddenly more symbols come and he is able to read it for some reason. It said

Dear Saito, If you have seen this letter then you have gotten stronger. You have grown into a strong young man my little Saito. Be more careful when you give things another chance. This language that you are reading is Svodiviz. Only you can read it. If you find the rest of this letter you will find a big secret. The secret is very i......

That's it. He needs to find the rest of the letter so he can know the rest. He needs to also find out who wrote the letter.


Saito's weapon of choice is Imperiled Claw. He was awarded this item from a blacksmith. The blacksmith didn't

care if Saito was a FallenAngel. He said "All people are no different, It doesn't matter if you are a Tinai or whatever". That's when Saito got has weapon and he keeps that weapon treasured as if it was his own child. Saito later found out the claws had magic infused with it. He could make it reappear and disappear.

3D Claw weapon Maya by DravynDark

Imperiled Claw


Ametarasu(deceased, age 100 (Dog Years)) is Saito's pet dog. She is very special. She can control the Elements. Ametarsu was born in a cloud. She was supposed to fall down softly but, the disrupt in Nature brought her staright down. Saito caught her and became her owner. They stayed together for a long time until, Ametarasu grew too old and died. Witnessing Ametarasu's death, Saito became depressed and stayed in the shadows.


Ametarasu controlling the Fire Element

Love <3Edit

After Ametarasu's death, Saito became depressed. He later saw someone so beautiful, his heart would pound when he stood close to her. Her name was, Emi. Emi was an Angel, literally. She was not a fallen Tinai. They were forbidden together. Saito tries to be as close to her as possibe.

Emi, age, 5,000

  • (Stronger Saito)
  • Saito's Symbol