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Sam sitting in the Moonlighter tavern


Race: Hobbit

Gender: Male

Hair Color: Ginger

Eye Color: Green

Occupation: Farmer, cafe owner and adventurer

Home city: Orleans

Current city: Oakhelm

Birth and childhoodEdit

Sam was born and raised in Orleans by Fasco Donkler and Orangebloom Donkler. His parents were hobbits who were on good terms with the Lizardmen of Orleans. Their king was kind and generous to all. The Lizardmen of Orleans had a huge farm, and everybody helped clear it. However, one day, the king was banished from Solinia, and a new, evil Lizardman king rose to power. He hated hobbits, and had Sam's parents executed when he was just ten. He starved and whipped Sam, and made him harvest the huge farms alone, without any bread to eat for seven years.

Escape from OrleansEdit

Four years later, on Sam's twenty-first birthday a small band of drunken humans started fights with the lizardmen. The king got very angry with them, gathered some lizardmen and ran after them. Sam saw this as a chance to escape. He knew all the doors would be locked, and he was too weak from starvation to break them. He ran to the lizardmen toilets, which were just holes in the ground attached to pipes, and crawled through sand, mud... and other things. Finally, after ten minutes of digging and squirming, he found his way out.

Living from the landEdit

After escaping, Sam built small houses and lived off the land, growing bread and killing pigs, for about a year. One day, he saw a silhouette in the trees.....

The silhouetteEdit

The silhouette turned out to beTharin Bluther! He welcomed Sam, and took him to his village Oakhelm, to the south. Tharin built Sam a house, and gave him a farm.

Present day in OakhelmEdit

Today Sam is living a happy life in Oakhelm, with his best friend Harry Lucas. They meet in Harry's tavern, and talk over ale. Sam also goes on lots of adventures. Once, he went to Blightmoon with an undead woman named Sapphire! and works his farm. He also runs an inn in the Valley Of Kings, and is very happy, despite his past.