Player: Sargt di'MitneEdit

  • Note: I will be adding more as RP progresses

Name: Sargt di'Mitne

Race: Half-Dragon

Age: 19

Height: 7' 0"

Weight: 320lbs

Scale Color: Scarlet

Wingspan: 10'

Eye Color: Gold

Languages: Draconic, Common

Cayosin di'Mitne(Father)(deceased),
Kathend di'Mitne(Mother)(deceased),
Rhulitar di'Mitne(Brother)

Family Deity: Ith di wer Svant (Lord of the Sky)

Family Motto: Tiichi, Chaq, Vivex (Honor, Valor, Victory)

Family Battlecry: Ihk Wer Quellar di'Mitne (For the house of light!)

Current/Previous Job:
Blacksmith, Akuech di'Mitne (Forge of Light)

Combat type: Warrior/Paladin.
Primary Weapon: Broadsword
Secondary Weapon: Dagger

Significant features: Sargt usually wears a leather apron from when he was sitll a blacksmith. It is darasv-made, so it can protect him from any heat source short of straight fire and lava.

Sargt was born in the village of Relgr di Seiani, near the great mountain Verthicha di wer Ithquenti.
Coming with his younger brother, Rhulitar, from the land of their birth to Solinia, after their parents death.

As a former blacksmith, Sargt is large, even for a Half-Dragon. He feels the need to protect those weaker than he, and he does his best to do this in an honorable way. He prefers the blade to magic, not
seeing the value of magic, and often under-rating it, sometimes to his or others cost.

With his brother, he founded the city of Svant Tonash. He plans for it to be a haven for darasvi everywhere. He aspires to be one of the greatest Di Darastrix in the land of Solinia, and hopes one day to serve under, or even be, the king or queen.

His family has harbored a dark secret, passed down through the family from generation to generation, but only certain warriors within the family suffer from it, be it a blessing or a curse. In light of this, his younger brother is not afflicted by it, nor was his father. The last di'Mitne to bare this load was his great-grandsire, Ithquent di'Mitne.

Cultural Notes:

The Half-Dragons from Sargt's homeland refer to themselves as
Di Darastrixi.

Di Darastrixi translates to "Of Dragons"

Darasvi translates to "Half-dragons"

di'Mitne translates to "of light"

Sargt translates to "Guardian"

Each Di Darastrixi family has it's own deity.

the di'Mitne deity is the "Lord of the sky"

The Half-Dragons live from 80 to 90 years, but reach maturity
at age 15.