Sept Hive

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This lore is being done by Cuddles (initially)


Being inhabited by only the Sept, whose only overall interest is in preparing for their redemptive wars, have little in the way of culture, instead conforming to the monotony of hive upkeep, military training and aiding the nearby Time Mage Village. There is individuality among the Septs, however, and some will take breaks in their duty to visit the nearby mages and sometimes venture outside of Icaria, looking for some fun in other regions. These breaks are very short (at most three days), and extended leave is not permitted. The Septs are not above being entertained, however, and whenever a Time Mage slips into a new life or a new Queen hatches, both parties dedicate a day and night to hearing tales about the past and future. The center of the hive is kept clear, and an elevated platform of wax is reserved for the speaker.

When it comes to outsiders, the Sept have two duties: determine if they're hostile, and if not, to escort the outsider to Time Mage Village, before escorting them out a day later. A few Septs will join the Time Mages in their festivities thrown for the outsider.

Locations of InterestEdit

The Platform--While merely being a plain platform for speakers, Septs always keep the area tended in case of use.

The Royal Chamber--It is unknown how many Queen eggs lie there (there is an estimated seven to ten), but the top of the hive is reserved for the hatched Queen's use, where she can oversee the terrain and request that the chambers be made to her liking (maps, artillery, books). The room has had to be redone with each queen, but unfortunately, it could not be made bigger nor could the floor and walls be anything more than wax.