This lore is being written by Cuddles

His OriginsEdit

The gods stood back in horror as their prototype Taxicost writhed in agony and screamed in such a manner that their ears rang. After a few moments, Ashtor stepped forward, wanting to put the creature out of its misery. That was when it stopped moving. And that's when it was too late to do anything.

The Taxicost weakly stood up. On it, pieces of the non-eucledian horrors pumped and pulsed with life. These were to be dead pieces, but the prototype apparently gave them life. The patches with eyes stared at the nervous gods, while the patches with mouths growled.

"De...file...ers..." the whispered out of the prototype's mouth.

Lumyle raised an eyebrow. "Are you talking to us?"

" I cannot...break." The Prototype was leaning against a wall for support, but it was getting more steady. "Your tongue...hurts the mouth."

Ashtor sheathed his sword. "We want to work something out. We don't want to go to war with your kind. We simply want to be."

The Prototype's tongue rolled, making a sound both like condescending laughter and howling rage.

"WE ARE NON-EXISTENCE!!" It bellowed. It calmed down, or rather collected itself. "We were torn apart and mutilated so that existence could be made. So that life--" it clearly said 'life' with disgust, "--could writhe out of our maimed remains."

"Who are you?" asked Lunarine.

"We are the void between the stars. We are the dark."

"You're a hypocrite!" Golkara came in, "You're using life to use those...things!" He was pointing to the patches, referring to where they had come from.

"This is life used against you. We will return to perfection through your own rotten means of existing. Everything will be returned to how we were. This one serves us, and is now wise to how things must be. We hate life, but we know its value as a tool."

"How 'bout death?" Alazgoth threatened, summoning an army of Spex.

The Spex promptly did an about face and turned on their master.

"Death...non-existence...they are the same," the Dark said.

Alazgoth dismissed the Spex and fractured the creature's skull with a blow of his club. Instead of killing the creature, it mutated into...something. The Prototype had a large scar that transformed into a monstrous visage.

"Don't kill him," Alazgoth yelled, "it only gives those things more power over him."

"Those were too weak," the Dark said, referring to the Spex, "Maybe this..."

Time seemed to stop for some, slow down for others, as a Spex of Zephyr was summoned, then mutated into a Poltergiest. Then started mutating into something more terrifying.

Lunarine put a binding spell on the various patches, cutting them off and shielding them from the Prototype. Alazgoth quickly disposed of the corrupted Zephyr, and with no way to kill the now crying and raving Prototype, they instead put him in a cage, banished its brethren to Solinia, and tried to forget all about him.