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Update: I am open to making more than 6 Regulator leaders, but it shouldn't really exceed 9. Depends on how much Solinia needs for them to stay useful to the plot.

Boss Battle NotesEdit

One of the beauties of the Regulators is that they can be fought one at a time and as a team. As such, I would like to propose that whenever a Regulators is fought on his/her own, it will be that Regulator's last battle*. When fought as a team, however, it will just be an event where you have to chase them/avoid them/fight them, etc. As such, I have an idea for when the Regulators are first introduced: a Mountain Climbing Battle.

I don't know how or where this would happen, but what I'm picturing is Slur renting out some Tailless for the Regulator leaders, who are all in hoods. Slur says that he had to put down a big deposit for them all (he got them from a human crime lord who trains them), so he says to take care of them. Cuddles proceeds to kill his out of frustration (couldn't mount it) and puts on its skin, which acts as Cuddles' hood. For whatever reason, the player needs to get to the top of the mountain before the Regulators do. This results in the players getting special mounts/vehicles that can climb straight up the mountain face, even at 90 degree angles. This results in a battle to reach the top against the 5-6 mounted Regulators (except Cuddles, who climbs himself). As the players climb up and attack, the Regulator leaders use various methods to try and knock the player down.

The point of this battle is to serve as a teaser for the Regulators. Since they all wear hoods (or a Tailless skull), they can only be identified by their dialogue, their individual mannerisms, and most importantly, their fighting style as they go up the mountain. This will probably be the only time all 5-6 Regulator leaders work together, so if we can fit this in, this should serve as a small taste for what the players can expect.

Since Bleed is likely slated to be the first Regulator killed, I'd like for this to be setup before his campaign. I would also propose that for each Regulator killed, there is one 'teamwork' battle. So after Bleed dies, there will be a battle where 4-5 of them work together. Their last teamwork battle will be a 3 Regulator battle. I'm thinking that after that battle, one Regulator sacrifices himself (he can have an individual battle earlier), and that the unnamed Nijin (who will likely become a leader) has her final battle afterwards. This would set up Cuddles as the last Regulator, and for the Poltergeist Regulator showdown.

  • There can be a few exceptions, where the battle is just a 'casual' boss battle.


In Solinia, there exists a covert group known as the Regulators. Consisting of a leadership between 5 and 9 members, these terrorists are victims of the mass stupidity of religious/politicial/economic war, as well as victims of hate groups and lack of societal empathy. Having survived these horrors and living long enough to reflect on them, these individuals developed a twisted sense of justice: Kill the stupid and those who would empathize with them, coerce the neutral to joining their side on pain of death, and raising those who share their cynicism of the world to symbols of status (kings, lords, officials, etc.) Each leader has extensive skill in operating from the shadows, and have been involved in activities from instigating wars to assassination. While each leader is powerful, they usually work through factions and people that they are either manipulating or recruiting. One of their known crimes is the kidnapping of Wispens for experimentation and using the results to mind control Wispens in Tsyion to make them do their dirty work while they kidnap other citizens for experimentation.

Only four leaders have been identified so far: Cuddles, a Taxicost, Shine, a Eusebian, Bleed, an Eiao, and Bless, a Nijin.

Two idenitified operatives: Slur, a supplier for the Regulators. A Lidkim. Lyric, a rogue bard. An Eiao.

Story Notes (3)Edit

The Spin Off GameEdit

There is a group of Vishim scientists interested in cultivating the many races of Solinia for mind control, and their latest victims are the Wispens. Working through mysterious contacts, they gather the resources needed for mass experimentation and kidnapping. There is at least one politician affiliated with this group who is using the Wispens' ill fortune to promote their own career by cracking down on 'uppity little plants.' It is known that this politician is using his offices and house as secret labs for the experimentation, and when all hell breaks loose among the various districts, they will use the chaos to gather more victims and hide their new violent behavior behind 'the rage against the Wispens.'

The Regulators stationed in Tsyion are Slur, a Lidkim who traffics weapons between the various continents, and has a brewery in Cheju. Slur himself is more than likely a sergeant for the Regulators rather than a leader. There is also the mysterious Nijin, who works with the politician, and Cuddles, who is stationed as a scout in the surrounding forest, looking out for trouble and escorting Slur's deliveries. He is also in charge of keeping the other Taxicost's nose out of their business, as they have an innate ability to tell when someone is being controlled. Of all the Regulators listed, Slur and the Nijin are the most involved in this affair, with Slur in charge of the contacts.

Hope LibraryEdit

Bleed, an Eiao, is undercover at the Cell Squad for the purpose of retrieving any and all notes and files on the Regulators and later replacing them with false information. Bleed works with Slur, who owns a brewery in the area and a few warehouses, to enable a 'contingency plan.' This plan involves the decimation of the All Consumer, should it ever become a problem. So far, Slur is paying off officers and library staff to inform whenever any info involving the Regulators enter the territory. Eiao then cooks up false information and trades it off during after hours at the Hope Library. It seems that one of the Committee may have been paid off. The sole purpose of this initial plan is to actually avoid killing the All Consumer, who the Regulators actually deem one of the best things to happen to Solinia, as they share its admiration of knowledge and secret information.

This will not last, and the All Consumer will take notice of them. Then comes the contingency plan: analyze the Great Worms, find a way to sever their link to the All Consumer, and take control of them themselves. Phase two is to take a unit of the Brassheart Collective and convert them into megaton bombs, after which they'll be put into standby mode. Finally, after finding a way to control the Great Worms themselves, Slur will lend his brewery to Bleed, who will use the worms natural connection to the All Consumer to get it drunk, then lower the Brassheart Collective unit via a crane into the Philosopher's Rift to finish off the All Consumer. Bleed will attempt this and fail, dying in the process, but he will also cause a cave in in the Rift, presumably killing the All Consumer, when it truth it is only knocked out, leading to a separate plot to wake it up.

Bleed is a leader of the Regulators, and will gain the powers of the Great Worms during the final battle, using both their restraining style and his own 'offense style.'

Time Mage VillageEdit

Slur is mass producing 'one-hit kill' weapons, which was a monopoly previously held by the gods. This culminates in a cold war between gods, religious mortals, power hungry mortals and those caught up in the frenzy. The ultimate plan is to perfect these weapons, then force the reincarnated Time Mage to open the time stones to the past, so that Slur, his supervising leader and an army could kill the gods and rewrite history. Slur himself does have an enchanted crossbow, but instead of dealing out one hit kills (which would eventually break the bow), it shoots out limitless arrows in the same manner as a machine gun.

Slur and his superior are to die in the past, while the bulk of the army will be killed by the Time Mages in the present.

Since one of the Time Mages is a former slave whose bounty is still active, the Regulators may use that fact to turn Solinia's greediest against the Time Mage Village, weakening it.