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Time Mage Village

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This lore is being done by Cuddles (initially)


Inhabited solely by the Time Mages, with frequent visits by the Septs and rare visitation by outsiders, the culture is somewhat stagnant. The Septs are focused soley on survival and preparing for war, and the Time Mages simply guard the nearby sealed stones. However, due to the Sept Queen's tendency to take on personality traits of the person they were reincarnated from, and four of the Time Mages' aging process, which transform them into different species, the usual monotony can be broken when either the Sept Queen or reincarnated Time Mage regales both settlements with stories of the old days or predicting the future based on what the aging Time Mages become. There have been times where everyone in Icaria will sit in either the hive or the Gathering Circle in the village for a whole night just to hear stories of the past from the mouths of extraordinary people.

When it comes to strangers, the Sept are mostly indifferent, usually never interacting unless it's to escort someone to or from the Time Mage Village. The Time Mages, on the other hand, always greet gatherers with uniformal cheer and always have extra food and bed kept for unexpected guests. However, this is because after one night of hospitality, the outsider's memory of the night before is erased, and is soon escorted out Icaria by a Sept soldier.


There is an oasis that Time Mage Village was built around. There is also fertile soil settled around the backwards stone, where the sand is reconverted into ground suitable for growing crops. All builidings are built out of restored petrified trees found in the desert region.

Local WildlifeEdit

Various desert dwelling creatures. Mostly small animals, as the bigger ones were killed off when the mountains dissolved.

Locations of InterestEdit

The Gathering Circle--When a Time Mage reincarnates into a new life, the Gathering Circle is where both the Sept and Time Mages gather to hear about tales from the past, both for entertainment purposes and to learn about the past. When a Sept Queen is hatched, the Time Mages are hosted in the Sept Hive. The Gathering Circle is also where daily meetings are held where news about the world are announced.

The Time Stones--Three stones that manipulate time. The Backwards Stone is where soil is restored for crop purposes. The Still stone is where food is preserved. The Forwards Stone is always sealed, lest everything age rapidly.

The Inn/Pub--Reserved solely for outsiders so they can feel welcome. It is only when someone is being hosted are the Time Mages permitted to drink, but only if the person in question is interested. This is enough to get even a few Septs to join in the festivities.

The name of the pub, The Crazy Cow, has an interesting history. When trying to decide the name, each Mage had a different suggestion, relating to their own country/species.
The bloodshed was unimaginable. This was to be expected, however, as the Mages were still getting used to the psychological effects of isolation, so tension was high. When the fighting died down, they all decided to just name the inn after the headline in the next newspaper delivery. The full headline read 'Crazy Cows Stampede Local Farmer; Small Rural Village in Tears.'

And thus a slow news day solved everyone's problem.