Name: Onònion diamoine (oh-no-nee-on dye-mon-ey-n)

Nickname: tre (tree)



Weight:180 lbs

Hair: white hair

Likes: ale, company, redstoneing and plants

Dislikes: swears, spiders, skeleton archers and stars

Skin: light green

Eyes: one blue the other is green


Magic: knows lots about alchemy and spell but lacks resources

Personality: friendly ,humorous

Race: wood/high elf

zereck's story Edit

in the years before Onònion was born his father zereck arcanum (a high elf) was on a treck to the elven gathering it was located in the wood elf town of long branch they were celebrating 70 years without conflict with the dwarves. As they were celebrating zereck saw a wood elf named Anna elesva he fell in love instantly. As he was walking over to her he started getting light headed and fainted. When he woke up he was in a tent with Anna who was the town cleric. In seven years they were married (they changed their last name to diamoine) and had a child on the way.

onònion's story Edit

After a few months Onònion was born but being the offspring of a high elf and wood elf he was diffrent. He lived in long branch with his mom and dad. When he went to school he was often made fun of by the other wood elves for haveing paler skin of shorter ears but he just ignored them. He wasn't very good in most of his study's but he was fairly good in magics and great in alchemy. One day when he was 13 he was walking through the forest when a bunch of the kids from his school came and started hitting him with sticks after they had left Onònion was still laying on the ground when he saw something shiny laying beside him. It was a diamond but not like the ones you get from underground but one that the gods would make from nothing It was yellow. It was the crystal of the dwarves cherge. When he touched it he felt a surge of energy and passed out. When he woke up the diamond had been infused into his chest to this day he doesn't know what it is but when he awoke he was a imp (Imp cog). he now owns a tavern by th name of the pirate pub in netruility.