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Essential Statistics Edit



Hair Color:Brown

Eye Color:Green


Occupation: King/Hero/Buisnessman

Home City:Hobbiton

Current City:Valley of the Five Kings

Tucca (named after the founder of Hobbiton) was rased in the small town of Tookland and soon showed a prowess in leadership.

Birth and Family Edit

Born to Esmirelda and Ferdinand Footpad.

Youth Edit

In his youth Tucca began to show his prowess for leadership when he lead his own hunting party by 16. He was an excellent shot and was a master of the hunt. His small party then developed into a thriving buisness and from that to a sort of ramshackle mallitia. Soon Hobbiton was not enough and he longed for another adventure so he decided to seek new pastures with a small caravan of like minded Hobbits but his waggon was attacked by an unseen force. He woke up in the abandoned jail and had no way of getting home. Soon more Hobbits started to show up, lookng to Tucca for guidance, so he decided to search for a place to build his new town.

Election and kingship Edit

One a large enough band of hobbits had assembled in his new town. Tucc a was elected to be thier king. The council granted him vast sums of wealth. Keeping to his promise he expanded The Shire beyond it's boarders and it soon thrived. Trade with other races was common and soon word spread across the realm of this hilltop paradise he had created. More hobbits flocked under his banner but soon hobbits with rather different agendas to Tucca's began to show up and cause trouble with the other races. These trouble makers were cast out of the realm but vowed to return.

The Return of PythonEdit

When the Cold Winds blew from the north and the Storm Dragon Python Decended on Solinia Tucca lead a small unit for Hobbits among the Defence. He prooved himself to be more than just talk as he and his Hobbits were still fighting long after many of taller companions had fallen.

Joining The Combine AllianceEdit

With Python loose and war on the horrizon Tucca felt it just to enter the Conbine alliance. After the initial formation Tucca left ownership of The Shire to his assistant and founded a new capital for this alliance, naming The Valley of the Five Kings due to the five kings in the alliance. This City soon began to thrive and grow, the kings (except for the Barbarian king, who had just disapeared) all owned plots and this soon became the eppicenter of trade within the alliance.

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The Valley of the Five Kings

The Five Kings Trading CompanyEdit

With cross racial trade being more and more important to the alliance's economy Tucca, along with his right hand man, formed the Five Kings Trading Company. The company set up trading posts all over Solinia and began shipping all over the world.