Warrior angel

Vepture Thunderstrike reigns victorious over a recent battle


Vepture Thunderstrike is one of the oldest warrior angels to date. He was believed to be a great general of the humans before finally being enlightened at the gates of death during his mortal life. Upon death, he was brought up into the highest heavens by the god Methabeht and made a Warrior Angel, a prestigious rank amongst the population. He still protects many parts of today's society and populace with his divine might and strength attained upon his divination. He is also known to be unusually tall for an angel but makes up for it through his excellent tactical mind. He is also known to have had a brother upon the discovery of the Lost Books that capture the story of the Hiran Asura crisis. It is believed that they were both brought into the angelic ranks at the same time.


His name was inherited by his sword, Thunderstrike. This naming comes from the awe felt by both his enemies and allies during his battles, being thunderstruck. His first name Vepture is thought to have been inherited from his mortal life. Hence the uniqueness from the usual angelic names. However, the true source behind the name remain unclear.


During the Hiran Asura crisis, Vepture stood at the front of the Tinai army, ready to lay down his life in a valiant last-ditch effort to succumb the forces of Hiran Asura. However, upon the sounding of the battle horn signifying the incoming attack, the Tinai army was easily scattered by the powerful abilities of Hiran after destroying many of the lesser gods. Although only for a few moments, Vepture fought Hiran Asura individually. Which each blow he deflected, Hiran grew stronger while Vepture only grew more tired. Eventually, Hiran stood victorious over the battered Vepture, his armor stained from his very own blood and sweat. Right as Hiran was about to deliver the final blow, Secrepheon The Valiant (his brother) intervened by using his own body as a shield. Secrepheon cast a final spell upon Hiran, a simple immobilization spell that bought Vepture enough time to escape, however, at the cost of his own life. Vepture's depression from the whole ordeal forced him to exile himself away from the world of Solinia to perhaps make up for the price he had to pay. However, the soul of Secrepheon came to him and persuaded him to return, to use his life and strength to protect others the same way Secrepheon protected him. Since then, Vepture has been on a quest to reunite all the Tinai and through that, recreate the lost civilization since the Fall. He has been seen welcoming the migrant races as he himself used to stand among the ranks of the angels. He intends to integrate the 2 Tinai societies in a single whole entity capable of recreating the destroyed civilizations. As characteristic of all Tinai, Vepture will stop at nothing to fulfill both his own and his brother's last wish.

Personal Information:

Height: 6 ft, 2 inches

Weight: Unknown

Favorite Weapon: Thunderstrike (his sword)

Favorite Pastime: Scouting for Fallen Angel Outposts, and during Reconnaissance over the world. Also learning more about the other races.

Some information: His brother's soul resides in his armor, where it constantly gives him advice. It sometimes takes on an astral form to better communicate with others.

Motto: "Evil, Face the divine might of thy sword!"

Mindset: Known to be very practical and so logical that emotions usually do not deter him from his presumed course of action. Efforts to stir his emotional side have failed.

Secret: Known to have a lover but the true identity remains a mystery. Thought to be a fellow angel.

Training: Battle hardened, High-ranked officer during the Hiran Asura Crisis

Titles: Divine Will of the Heavens (Voluntas divina per caelum), Wielder of Light (Gerentis lucis), Vanquisher of Evil (Triumphatóri malum)