Slicken Fairen race:halfdragon

gender: flare (halfdragons dont use the same gender scale as humans and other creatures instead they use the flame scale flare is male celestial is female)

scale color: dark red (scales are halfdragons hair)

eye color: fierce red (in the halfdragon civilization theres over 500 different tints of red eye color usually predicts the user's jobs fierce red being a miner,soldier,and digger)

Title: Chief crazyjackel (this is the title my town Farenheit gave me

Occupation: loyal subject to the lord

Home city: wilderness

Current city: Farenheit

Associated faction: ? there isnt factions plugin on the server

Worships: The dragonstone and ferra-arch ways (the dragonstone can speed up evolution and merge with anouther creature and the ferra-arch ways are basically the hatrad of all who enter the sacrad land that arent dragons

Birth and family:slicken was origonally born when gammasatay'ho (the dragon god of hearing) married Yacovsi (a female hunter that died along time ago) when Slicken was born his mom insisted he have a human name like James the father insisted he was named hor'adfar'cora'dafay after his brother god who got rid of his immortality to bear a son. The debate went on a long time finally the mom came to a comprimise and named him slicken to keep the father happy.

Youth: Slicken and his parents early on didnt like eachother because of opposite race. thats when slicken became interested in what his parents called a dragonstone and left to find it. at the age of 13 he found a place know as the mushroom kingdom. he left though because he wanted to find a dragonstone first.

later life: slicken relized later that the mushroom kingdom have over 30,000 dragonstone located under it and the lord of the halfdragons zshayy made it the capital because of the power under it zshayy moved in when slicken reached 154 (note: dragons are immortal halfdragons live up to 500,000 years so slicken is still young

Accoplicments: made the first capital of the halfdragons

death: i wont be dieing for anouther 499,856 years