IGN: wolfpup13Age: 14Location/Timezone: America New York Where did you hear about Fall of an Empire? Website What is Metagaming?: A person who takes outside information, outside being anything and every outside of the game/role-play, and implements the knowledge towards their character in game to receive an advantage.  What is Powergaming?:  Name: Kriss_YamatoSurname: (optional)Age: 7Sex: FemaleRace: Wolf/ HumanClass: AngelProfession: TravelerAlignment: ?Prefered God: Irduolo History: Parents were killed in a village raid 2 years ago,- Beginnings (location of birth, parentage, etc.) Born in rural Japan.- Journey (Where your character has travelled, include a major life experience) I have traveled all throughout the middle east.- Destination (how they found himself coming to Tawis Karon. Its a remote isle, you don’t just wander there.) I was traveling with my two brothers (Takeo and Tamotsu) on a boat when we were attacked by a much bigger boat. I remember seeing what looked like a fallen angel right before the collision. The last thing i remember is being thrown overboard. Have you read the New Player Guide? yesHave you read the Rules? yesHave you read our RP guide and do you understand? yes and yes Have you read the History of Solinia? yes